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Day 2/3 of #hack-club-at-fossasia-23!! I felt the need to post about this as a ship, as we committed a couple of shenanigans along the way~ :sphere: 1. Yes, we did a lil thing to #place - some of us here got bored and went to a Starbucks, where we sat and masterfully constructed the one and only John Cena. Then, we returned to the place and updated the board with a photo from #lion-city-hacks-bts!! DON'T WORRY WE ARE NOT HERE TO TROLL (although the john cena one was good, it was just a test - sorry @belle :p) 2. I worked with LionsForge to laser-cut a @dinobox acrylic piece! Going to buy an LED base to put this on :partyparrot: 3. Many stickers from everywhere - this is now the premier event where I got the most swag from 4. We set up a challenge for FOSSASIA participants to draw their versions of @orpheus!! The results were.... pretty diverse, and we will be sending them sometime tomorrow I think Here are some photos from today - a video update can be found in our planning channel linked above! See ya :pirateparrot: