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Sometimes you got to make do with what you got. My only decent PC died after 7 years today, so until I can afford a new one, this is my new setup (Steam Deck as a desktop). Unfortunately I’ll have to live without a dual monitor setup (unless the deck itself counts but that’s only usable for Spotify & YouTube, not code docs cause the screen is so small) And there’s no head phone jack on the dock I have, so for YouTube videos I’ll be enjoying the crisp Steam Deck speakers. However for Spotify, I connected an old Android phone to my speakers that I can remote control from the desktop app. Ended up installing Fedora Silverblue over Steam OS so I can still develop still (#project-still). So far first day experience, browsing is smooth, Jetbrains IDEs run somewhat smooth, ironically the only thing the desktop Steam Deck sucks for is gaming because it’s only made to handle 720p, not 1080p. Other than that, I can make this work until I can get a new PC. Hoping to go for a framework.
So that's what happens when you fire up netcat and try to log in over SMTP :peefest:
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