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#w-of-the-day day 195 i had a very simple idea, letters falling from the top as you type them what followed was a nightmare involving svgs, rendering and a whole lot of basic math. Matterjs (the library i use) doesn't have a renderer so I've resorted to using p5 to draw the letters for me its still janky but its a start
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I’m learning how to make a slack bot!
HELLO I AM BACK WITH A 🚢 ITS COOL YALL WANNA SEE??? Introducing: Dialect! A programming language for people who want to not actually write functional :haskell: code but wanna feel like it. Wanna install the compiler? Run 💻 npm i -g dialect-lang and you can use dialup, the dialect compiler! OR visit and run it in your browser :chrome:! You can write webapps with it, or just write code. It compiles down to :js: and I've built a basic stdlib. Feel free to ask questions on how to use it here :) Oh and also here's the source: