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Ahoy! 🚢 :shipitparrot: This is probably my favourite ship so far and I'm more than happy to announce heyrajan.com. In your exploration of my digital persona, it hope that you develop a profound understanding of my world, built on the foundation of creation and change. It's always been a dream of mine to release a personal website, and I am ecstatic that the first people I can share it with are my fellow Hack Clubbers :parrot_love: . A few things: /home 🏠 ~ Manifesto, Highlights, Daily Activities, Upcoming Initiatives /explore 🔎 ~ Socials, Contacts and A Few Important Links /ventures ✈️ ~ My favourite non-work endeavours that I'm working on /prev 📰 ~ Coming Soon I hope that you can learn a bit more about my world, as online we are just a few profile pictures looking at one another. Also, "heyrajan" is now a ping word, for all you pingy hackers out there 👀 Subdomains: g (github), in (linkedin), ig (instagram), d (devpost), t (twitter), sb (scrapbook) As always, open sourced at github.com/itsrajan/heyrajan. Feel free to add issues, feedback, PRs or just thoughts overall. Thank you everyone for your support, and I hope you enjoy :hyperbongocat: :hyperfastparrot: :hyper-dino-wave:
made this little script to help me with my chinese!
Days 20 & 21 of getting my life together: mainly spent these days studying and coding 😌
I love stickers and always wanted to get Octocat damn it feels great, kinda dream comes true :meow-party: Ik it's toooo nerdy😂 First post for scrapbook 👀
reading pandas 🐼 documentation