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you know what this means… :rickroll:
Made my scrapbook fully interactive using ONLY CSS with a bit of help from @sampoder. Check it out! (Scrappy will link it in the thread)
made a rick rolling thing! you fill out the form and it gives you a call with the rick roll + a little ad for the event (read on)…. i made it with next.js and nexmo the idea is that we’ll have these qr codes all over the school (we have permission, its going to be like cloudy with a chance of meatballs but qr codes instead of food) ignore the fact that the screen recorder doesnt pick up the call sound, trust me it does work
Busy with school today, so here is my amazing rick roll attempt
Wanna rickroll your website's viewers? Enter rick.js, a zero-dependency, 25 line JS library designed to make disguising links easy. :rickroll: