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After lots of struggling, Scrappy is finally off of Next.js and is now its own Express app. The code looks mostly the same, but now hopefully it'll stop crashing. I tested this as much as I could before merging into the real scrappy, but admittedly I didn't test every feature (only a few basic ones, like posting and some commands). So if you run into any issues with scrappy, please let me know so that I can look into it 🙌 :scrappy: :scrappyparrot:
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missed out on getting a fancy domain for your scrapbook? wish you had more custom domains? well your in luck today! i have create a quick and easy tool that creates a vercel project which acts as a proxy for your scrapbook profile allowing you to set a custom domain. so how to do it? 1. head to follow the steps provided. 2. once you’ve deployed the project you will see a screen saying Congratulations!, wait a couple of seconds and you’ll be redirected to the domains page. 3. Add the domain you’d like using Vercel’s built in instructions 4. Hoorah! You’ve done it! the setup for this wild midnight project is at: go crazy with your domains!
Working on a new feature for Scrapbook :scrappy1: :scrappy3::scrappy4:
“Tesla Stock Price is too high imo”