@melody looking fly in Times Square
I saw the world's largest train switcher today, processing 10,000 cars per day, switching 3,000 between tracks. It's 8 miles long, 1.5 miles wide. It opened in about 1870. There's enough track in there to make a railroad from Denver to Omaha (I think? :thinkies:). CHOO! (Cc @melody for the train stuff)
the sun has set (quite literally now), thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who joined the Summer of Making!!! it’s hard to piece together words, so here’s a post i wrote… and the recap site I'm about to ship…. one thing I haven’t done yet is say thank you to a lot of people, so meet my thank you wall: • thank you @roshan for being there literally always and being amazing, for bringing your. abundance of knowledge to #hardware-party and listening to me even when I’m not literate. you’re the best partner in crime! • thank you to @athul & @annlee_fores, for being life savers (on multiple occasions) and stepping up to support with all the Indian grants. True life savers. • thank you to @lachlanjc for guiding me through making the recap site, always supporting when ever I contribute to Scrapbook or the Site and for all their support in the fast few days. Plus just being super nice and cool! • thank you to @cwalker for all their support with hardware over the summer and just being someone to talk things through with! • thank you to @msw & @cwalker for all the lengthy convos we had pre-launch that helped lead SoM in the right way! • thank you to @neel.redkar for building awesome things that were life savers! • thank you to @zrl for being super supportive but also brutally honest at times! that brutal honesty saved us! • thank you to @elisemoe for being super supportive of us and for helping me out with pitching to Adafruit & Arduino! • thank you to @cp & @michael.destefanis for putting up with my banking incompetence and some of the shenanigans we attempted! • thank you to @matthew, @amogh, @dinaelhanan, @tmb, @christina695, @melody for all being super cool and doing super cool stuff! • thank you to @rishi for whilst not being directly on the team, had a massive impact :) OH AND OFC THANK YOU TO EVERYONE HERE YOU ALL ARE SO FREAKING AMAZING THANK YOU FOR BEING COOLLLLL!!!!!! heres the earliest photo i could find, i’ll let your imagination go wild…
Moved houses & got a late start yesterday, but got a few things in: • Added print styles to Workshops site, h/t @melody, to improve usability • Bank: Added example HTML embed code for embedding your donation form on your website • Bank: Removed the webfonts for improved performance & a nice design tweak • Bank: Shipped verrry first prototype of new cards ordering flow I’m working on (not public) • I started my reign over Brand Twitter, now that I’m running our Twitter Photo from a nighttime walk around campus with @matthew!!
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I will miss @melody for all the work they hv done for hack club :sadparrot:. I created a discord server, talked abt an event announcement tmr + one w @matthewvandyke08, added to my personal website, did some work for my internship 🙂, and got a pr merged for hack club dns on github Heard that some @staff arrived at their homes :rgbdino: and I can’t wait for y’all to make this school year super AWESOME!!!!!
87 peeps in #osf CRAZY!?!?!? dang shoutout to @melody + hq for letting me hv the opportunity to announce OSF in #announcements !! anyways, worked on my website, went swimming in the ❄️ ocean, watched spongebob 👀 and watched a funny livestream abt tech ceo’s under fire w congress 😂 here’s a pic of OBS XD
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Forgot to pic hack night so here's my artist's rendering of @melody's microwaved apples
attemped some bob ross stuff for Art Week, shoutout @melody for hosting!
Went on a big team grocery run today with @lachlanjc + @melody! I’m really excited for this week. Here’s a vending machine booting up and then crashing
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Board meeting today. Since February: 2k average daily messages on Slack -> 10k average daily, 1.3k Twitter followers -> 12.3k. Hack Club Bank total transactions $1.36m -> $1.89m ($534k increase). AMAs as a format started. Summer of Making. 100s of hardware grants sent, 1,000s of #scrapbook posts made. Photo is of everywhere Summer of Making stickers are going (127 countries). $610k in donations received from 8 new donors. Talked work schedule over next few weeks with team. Some light work on /z. @melody made awesome grilled chicken for dinner.
Changed the streaming name badge to match @melody's Figma-styled overlay! This is what it looks like on the stream when you were asking questions during the AMA.
The work I did today was just fixing a bunch of bugs on Events & Scrapbook (the homepage is no longer 200MB…) 😅 but had a really nice evening getting Five Guys & walking along the beach at sunset with @matthew + @melody