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so today I did a heck of a lot of work on duckcoin, I'll let the commit message tell you:
HARD FORK: change the way block hashes are calculated for increased speed, improve docs, nicer server UI, add automatic difficulty calculating, automatic difficulty checking, abstract away the <http://big.Int|big.Int> part so difficulty is represented as the average number of hashes needed.
I also am finally starting to read Foundation by Isaac Asimov, and whoa this book has been in my school library since at least 1999. Also did a heck of a lot of work on homework, damn you Mr Wiebe. Physics homework was nice tho. ALSO LOOK AT THIS REALLY FUNNY METHOD SOME IDIOTS AT SOME OTHER TABLE WROTE THAT WE HAD TO FOLLOW OUT IN BIOTECHNOLOGY WE WERE IN HYSTERICS "4 BEAKER" AND MEASURING THE HEIGHT AND WIDTH OF FREAKING GUMMY BEARS :eggsdee: :fb-laugh:
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woooh. took me 30 deployments to get my app running successfully in production! :dance:
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Started learning c++ 😭 :heavysob: 🆘 :hellmo: :help-me:
The apollo client cache can be annoying sometimes, this is the cache update code for a mutation