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Using one of each sticker we have in the club and a bit of heat, I customised my phone case a little bit.
I put in a spice rack today! I did a bunch of measurements to figure out what I could fit, found some shelving on Etsy that I liked, ordered it, learned how to stain wood and stained them myself, then learned how to seal wood and sealed them, and then finally put them into the wall using a drill. I've always been intimidated by projects in the “real world” because if you mess up, you can't always undo your error like you can in coding. Trying to become more handy has been something I've been spending a little time on over the past year. Really proud of myself for this!
Made some hot sauce
whoa, how do i have spaces in my variables?
Very peri peri 😋
wound healing 100x zoom
remembering the awful time my friends made me drink hot sauce during a "talent show"... as you can see it did not go to well to say the least
https://cloud-qffuybxte.vercel.app/0screenshot_2020-08-22_at_1.43.52_pm.png https://cloud-qffuybxte.vercel.app/1screenshot_2020-08-22_at_1.45.27_pm.png
10 minute website made by everybody that joined the osf live event
Ahhh today I entered Kalustyan’s, aka *spice heaven* !!! :partyparrot_fiesta: Those who know me well know I’m obsessed with all things spice. This was practically Disneyland for me lmao; there were spice mixes from like every country, and like hot sauces to fill three aisles. Also for all the chai lovers out there, here’s a wall of delish chai mix of all flavors. Today I fulfilled two goals o mine: • having a huge ass bag of Cajun so I don’t have to keep begging from five guys for a weeks worth of supply lmao • getting this big ass green tea chai mix that so I have for college Also, it’s always been a challenge of my friends and I to try to test me w the hottest things we can find to discover my spice threshold (which has yet to be found). Finally found a carolina reaper (2.2 scovilles) which I’m prettty sure should do the trick haha. Shai share my reaction eating it here? re: the shopping haul pic, I can explain the boric acid. I’m not a madman lmao, it’s for carrom (any carrom players out there?)
https://cloud-fwqaxmivg.vercel.app/0image_from_ios.jpg https://cloud-fwqaxmivg.vercel.app/1image_from_ios.jpg https://cloud-fwqaxmivg.vercel.app/2image_from_ios.jpg https://cloud-fwqaxmivg.vercel.app/3image_from_ios.jpg https://cloud-fwqaxmivg.vercel.app/4image_from_ios.jpg