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Day 3 of #10-days-in-public Today I had two big accomplishments. My goal is to program a receipt printer to print a receipt every time someone wins a Sprig, OnBoard, or Blot grant onto my desk so I can read about their project. The first accomplishment is that I added code to find OnBoard pull requests from GitHub usernames, download the project descriptions, and use tracespace to render SVG board previews onto the receipts. See below for a screenshot of what this looks like (it’s a screenshot of a subset of a PDF that is sent to the receipt printer - this is all publicly accessible data from the OnBoard repo). The second accomplishment is that I flashed a Raspberry Pi to start getting this thing to run headless! This is my first “real” project using Python, and I’m starting to feel a lot more comfortable using the language - which has felt awesome! I am so inspired reading about everyone else’s projects!
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I spent most of yesterday trying to avoid snakes and pulling cacti needles out of me, but it was still worth it! 🌵 :texas:
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