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My PR to kbar was merged!
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gave a talk on imposter syndrome x tech today 😎
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aliased ls and cat to exa and bat
the wifi at my place is too slow / controlled by my landlord, so i setup Znet
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OMG!!! Caprover works on OCI ARM instance! Just installed docker and then ran the caprover install script :meow-party:
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More testing of my monospaced typeface
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got my CalebConf ticket :yeah:
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I just got off of my last meeting with my WAVE advisor this cycle. We actually had a really amazing talk today (tl;dr debugging is painful, but you'll learn a lot), and we even went through my projects on GitHub as well. I've been able to learn so much from him over the past couple of months — I'm seriously going to miss our hour-long conversations. Also, say hello to Cooper, Looker's (unofficial) mascot and the bestest dog!