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Inspired by Amazon Web Services (AWS) :aws:, Libre Web Services (LWS) :libre-web-services:, also known as "Raspberry Web Services (RWS)" :raspberry-pi-logo:, is a concept built during Hack Club's :hackclub: Winter of Making :wom: 2023 Winter Hardware Wonderland :winter-hardware-wonderland: "10 Days of Making" event is a hackable, scalable, load-balanced, home-hosted, multi-node aarch64 Arm-based :arm: cloud powered by Kubernetes :kubernetes: & Docker :docker:, created by @alialiwa2005 ("Hack Cat" :hacker-cat:), a veteran :scrappy-retro: Hack Club community member :dino-drake-yea: & founder 🧭 of Gaynor McCown Hack Club :gaynormccown:, established in November of 2020 :dinosaur_waving:. Libre Web Services :libre-web-services: on Hack Club Scrapbook :scrappy: | Libre.hackclub.com