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Experimenting w/ mail
Finally, My Mail Server is finally working again.
Preparing some envelopes to send to club leaders for #angelhacks-toronto
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Day 8 of #10-days-in-public !! Worked on one of my projects which should be done tomorrow! And worked on mail shenanigans
🧠 Have you ever meant to reread an email before sending it but then forgot and just sent it anyways? 🍗 Now with Checkpoint you don’t have to worry about it! 🎄 Checkpoint is an extension for Apple Mail that reminds you to reread your emails. Just click a button (or check a box to do it for all emails) and you’ll be on your way! 🚨 Mail started supporting official extensions with macOS Monterey meaning this does not inject stuff into mail and is officially supported! 👁️ The code is pretty messy, it’ll be cleaned up “in the future” (This goes with codejelly's themes of amnesia and reflection) Download it from GitHub: <https://github.com/LinusS1/Checkpoint> or here (in the thread so scrappy doesn't get mad)
Haiiiiiiiiii! Big ship(for me, but not really big lmao) I shipped a prototype MailCorgi a while back, as a python based application that could purchase the cheapest labels for you. Now, I'm reshipping mailcorgi, but as a slackbot. If you're in my channel or talk to me about mail, you've probably seen me rant about @maildog and how the labels are: 1. more expensive(shipstation does not utilize USPS commercial price base) 2. slow(uses airtable + zapier) 3. breaks sometimes(ughhhhh) 4. is very not flexible(why do i have to buy a 10 dollar label, refund it, just to ship a sticker envelope to another country????) With these points in mind, I built MailCorgi, with the help of @deven and @tejasag! MailCorgi is a python based Slack app(using slackbolt) that can store addresses, orders, leader info, nodemasters(using supabase :supabase:). MailCorgi can buy shipping labels(if you give it a shippo API key. It will by default purchase the cheapest shipping option), and can also not buy a label and just generate a 4x6 thermal label with address information. This gives you the ability to just stick a thermal label on an envelope(#6.75) with address info(goodbye ballpoint pens!), or buy your own shipping labels(so that I can get ComPriceBas on my USPS labels and discounts on UPS too) Oh, did I mention? Mailcorgi is significantly faster. I actually timed it: Making a mail mission: mailcorgi: &lt;1second, maildog: 30 seconds on a good day, NaN sometimes Creating a label(no shipping label, just address): 45 seconds + for maildog, &lt;5seconds for mailcorgi As you can see, these are not just incremental upgrades in speed(sorry max, but you're not in this channel so i think i can roast maildog) anyway, i think that's mostly it but i have a screen recording of a mailcorgi demo :D
Just built a small and inefficient quote software that lists out an ordered list of pricing for your next package shipment! It uses the shippo API, and this is one step towards mailcorgi v1!
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