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Today it’s going to be a day with a lot of updates! :quad_parrot: First 1️⃣ thing for today: πŸŽ‰ I finished the implementation of the "before" Pseudo-Element in CSS :css: that I learned yesterday for my Scrapbook :hack-club: , here’s the code:
.nav-link-home::before {
  content: "Javier's ";
It's a bit small but effective! It adds my name before Scrapbook. Here's a picture showing how it looks like! πŸ“· Also I've been thinking about this very cool phrase πŸ¦• that used to appear on my Scrapbook Profile but now it's gone because I post daily since last year, but it's nice to remember and see how I've progress with time! Lastly, here's also a Parrot Fish picture! 🐠
Today I had a very important biology test 🌱, and I think everything went well! I'm also going to be working on a few bioinformatics things for projects! 🧬 πŸ’» I just have to research how to first, this is going to be for visualization of amino acids and proteins! Also I've been replaying some games I used to play on my Nintendo 3DS like Luigi's mansion! And lastly, I've been helping with some very interesting #biology questions on some slack channels :slack: , for example one about different ways in which fish 🐠 :wahoo-fish: rest, like Parrot Fish, which creates a protective cocoon!
Tomorrow is my Biology Final exam so today I also didn't worked on my setup becauseΒ  I finished all of the homework required for the subject, but I planned a new project in addition to my previous ones, tomorrow I'll update more on those, so here's some images that have to do with it.
couldnt find my phone to take a proper pic so heres a webcam snapshot of my secret santa gift!
DIY Jelly fish😊
Day two of the road trip! πŸ“Έ