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It’s time to start my Sprig game! :sprig-dino: First game update: I read the workshop and the docs on how to get started, designed the gameplay ideas and started to worked on the code! I have ready the player's moment! 🐸 Next thing I'll do is work on the energy system.
I said I was not going back at posting things on my scrapbook :hack-club: but I'm back with the #1 day of #10-days-in-public! :10daysinpublic: I'm going to be trying to get better at drawing on my iPad and finishing my last final exams for this first semester of Med School that is ending! πŸ§ͺ Here's an image of a frog I colored in Procreate! :procreate: 🐸 Hope to keep the streak again! :salute:
🐸We are almost done with our SOM project, the smart album cover display. Here's a demonstration of the spotify feature, which displays the playing song on the screen almost instantly, complete with transitions 😏, and autobrightness 🀯. Here's a video!
NEW PICREW ALERT ⚠️ @ktm made this amazing frog for me :)
Frog embryogenesis