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Rode 84 miles in Acadia this week! Tons of climbing and amazing weather. I’ve got some photos from my camera that I hauled the whole time that I’ll share here once edited! Coming home tmr :sad-yeehaw:
Oh no did I lose my streak. Today I did a lot of things. We bought a bike from someone so I went to pick it up but it wouldn’t fit in the car so I rode it back home the whole way. Going up the hills was so painful. My parents and sister were in the car the whole time. I HAD SO MUCH FUN GOONG DOWNHILL AND INHALING THE SWEET FRESH MOUNTAIN AIR. Then we returned something at Kohl’s and then we went to Target where I bought two kinds of hot sauce, a really nice looking barbecue sauce, a slime thing for my sister, some chocolate cereal, almost a pair of walkie talkies. I can’t wait to try the sauces tomorrow. Then we went to mod pizza for the first time ever. What a concept: Subway but for pizza. Great brand image. Busy day so I didn’t get to see all the swap fun :smiling_face_with_tear: :eggsdee: Also here’s my teddy bear from since I was 2
Went out running today with another high school team (mine can't do theirs) and I took this pic
Today is Twin Peaks Day!!!!!! To celebrate, I forked @sampoder's profile pic changer and set it to change my profile picture to a random scene from Twin Peaks every 2 minutes github.com/MatthewStanciu/pfp
I ran 6.91 miles on a mountain trail today (my personal record!!) and took some nice pikchas:
https://cloud-ph5daz2gd.vercel.app/0pxl_20210205_003440913.jpg https://cloud-ph5daz2gd.vercel.app/1pxl_20210205_003501485.jpg
We still need a small table, a floor lamp or two, and a red curtain, but the twin peaks room is starting to come together!
Today I went hiking in the White Mountains. (Also, strong winds make my hair look more majestic than normal)
Here’s the view from the top of a climb I did today!
Looking back to my traveling photo of Jamacho Gumba here in Nepal.
https://cloud-jcjlkl9jw.vercel.app/0image_from_ios.jpg https://cloud-jcjlkl9jw.vercel.app/1image_from_ios.jpg
Yesterday I went climbing, today my friend finally sent me some pictures lol.