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Night sky!
Today I'm starting school again! 🏫 So this means that my spring break :spring-of-making: is over and I'll go back to normal activities, today for coding 💻 I researched some ways to add comments to my website in dev! 🕸️ Also tomorrow I'll have a big Biology 🧬 🦠 exam again so I'm focusing on studying, and here's a night 🌃 photo 📸 of my city! :quad_parrot:
Today I kept studying for my college application exams so I didn't had time to work on anything else, so here's a space picture taken by the Hubble telescope. It's the *"Pillars of Creation"* an interstellar matter form on the Eagle Nebula or Messier "16" object. I think I'll try to make a side project about space after I finish the rest of my current projects!
There's a bug with Übersicht, so I won't be using it for my setup, today I had my Bio final test and also organized some school files I moved from my hard drive to my macbook so today I didn't worked on my projects either, but there's a small update about the most recent one I talked about yesterday, and it have to do with some science articles I have been reading since many years ago, it's a website to document something special about them!
Coded all day, made dinner with @matthew, saw some incredible stars & the Milky Way & satellites & a comet.
https://cloud-aoz9qmztv.vercel.app/0image_from_ios.jpg https://cloud-aoz9qmztv.vercel.app/1image_from_ios.jpg
Ad Astra Per Aspera
worked today on a potential revitalization of hack night! no photo to share, so here’s a selfie!