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*What's Henry™ Been Up to After Assemble?*™ --------------------------------------------------- The question on all of your minds: What's Henry™ Doing With His Time After Assemble™? Ever since the groundbreaking release of his team's Assemble™ project, the world has awaited his next ship™. When asked about this, he will say: "_I'm working on a few different projects_" What he means to say is that he currently has 12 windows open, 5 of them Firefox™ instances, each with more tabs then can fit on the navigation bar. One of those browser windows is entirely devoted to Wikipedia™ pages that he opens, and then refuses to close until he fully reads, despite the fact that he has no interest in doing so. In another window, he has everything from Ben Eater 8-bit breadboard CPU schematics, to Rust™ documentation, to TensorFlow™ docs and a partially written auto-encoder. He also has 3 Sprig ™windows, and article on how BitTorrent™ works, and a random CVE™. There is also an article on TradeMark™ Law, that he has clearly not read. There is even the skeleton of a 6502™ Emulator™ that he may or may not finish. There's a few 3Blue™1Brown™ videos that he's stuck trying to follow. There is an article on how memory works that he does not remember if he has read. In another window, we have 1 Gig of raw Wikipedia™ data, and a Visual™ Studio™ Code™ window with code for an GO™ algorithm he is trying to use to compress said 1 Gig of Wikipedia™ data. Beyond that he has a Logisim™ window, with a partially designed ALU™ that he is trying to work on. Each time he makes progress on one project, he gets interested in something else and opens 100 tabs for that. He is secretly hoping for his computer to crash and wipe his computer he can reorganize. He is spending large amounts of time studying useless aspects of computer science™, and math™. It has been like this since Assemble™ ended, and will continue indefinitely. This has been What's Henry™ Been Up to After Assemble?™. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for skimming over: _What's Henry™ Been Up to After Assemble?_™
I've taken a giant chunk of text that's about ~3 mil characters (War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy, for the chads with 200-year old souls in here) and fed it into an RNN I made in a tutorial to generate text! And it kind of makes sense? (My next AI project for my independent study session in a couple of months should be to make an RNN based off of words & syntax instead of on characters, like in the tutorial!)
Learning about the basics of TensorFlow :tensorflow: to do machine learning! did you know that Google Colab has an easter egg where you can get corgis and kitties to walk across the top of the webpage? They also wear halloween costumes 🎃 and santa hats on Christmas 🎅
learning about machine learning
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Installing tensor flow on a server :)
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Working with TensorFlow For the first time today
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doing transfer learning with TensorFlow Hub so i can take advantage of pre-trained models :D)))
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Made fluffy lemon cupcakes! (but no frosting so... muffins??)
https://cloud-armzujvv9.vercel.app/0image_from_ios.jpg https://cloud-armzujvv9.vercel.app/1image_from_ios.jpg