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Made this galaxy in ThreeJS today!
Today is the 3rd and final day of what I call Winter Hardware Wonderland Extended Edition :winter-hardware-wonderland: :ultrafastparrot:. ~~~ Project Description ~~~ Want to plant flowers but you don't know where to plant them? Utilise the Plant Location Chooser that helps you decided the place based on the environment ( i.e. Humidity, Temperature) ~~~ The 📜 Changelog of wisdom ~~~ 1️⃣ Soil moisture is working with no crashes! 2️⃣ Soil moisture calibration mode. ~~~ :future_potato: What is tomorrow? ~~~ Need to publish the latest code on the repo and create a pcb design! ~~~ It is :minecraft: time ~~~ I and @Odysseus expanded our kelp empire, ans created our first stores! Furthermore construction on GNHATS, Galaxy Nether Highway and Transport System, has begun! Section I, II are already completed.
This photo was taken by the hubble space telescope when i was 2 years old, love it ❤️