Installing Fedora on an old laptop! ( @reesericci are you proud of me)
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made a hack club in-n-out sticker as part of my 100 days shopping list! thanks for the feedback @sarahcha and @reesericci!
@reesericci and I, working on some ✨ quality ✨ branding for #axon-dev
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WE FINALLY HAVE A BIT OF PROGRESS (thx @reesericci for the design tips)
lads, we secured the pog with @zrl (much thanks to @reesericci for his blazingly-fast print screen flick; we now have this eternally fixed in the slack :sphere:) also, to those who remembers Notify, I found a good excuse to build this in Xcode :flooshed:
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caches! in #caches, we created the art for the boxes that we’ll be using as caches. For a bit of fun we included a small easter egg that uses the cipher wheel! It was also interesting learning about PURL from @reesericci. here’s the Figma file we’re using: The next step for us is getting these laser cut / engraved! And then ship them around the world...
:winter-hardware-wonderland: #hardware-party Day 7 building a custom USB rubber ducky: @KaiZheng-U049N5Y0WM9 shipped my cases today ❤️!!! (Yes also the UPS people spelled my name wrong) I asked @reesericci for help testing the Mac version of my script at the Austin Central Library. They have computers that reset everything, including permissions, which helps test how the script will behave on new never-used-the-terimnal computers. Thanks reese! (Deleted and reposted for...reasons)
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I just finished my TrueSkill-based 2v2 game rating system! It allows you to take any 2v2 game - and create a ranking system for it, like power rankings! It even makes predictions! I'm planning to use this for the LASA foosball club, but I have to add 1v1 support first.
made a little script to move airtable records to a db with prisma, and met up with @reesericci today
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i also did it but was too lazy to get my own screenshot so im just copying @reesericci