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my USB Rubber Ducky scripts can block mouse movement with a repeated mouse.move(x=-100,y=-100)
#10-days-in-public post... I missed quite a few days and really felt that I was dropping the ball. I did, though, get my first mold made. It's a failure because the rubber duck floated to the surface and broke thru the top. At least I've learned what to do right next time.
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\day 7\ school --- β€’ very excited for my school dance :blobhypedance: β€’ had to organize some stuff misc --- β€’ once again, dying on math hw :blobkittenknife: β€’ did some more cf practice -- solved a few problems β€’ reorganized my desk! :desk: β€’ i hate science grrr β€’ my mouse is breakign FSDF
Today I ran the 1st mile of the school year (don't ask for my time because I had really bad crampsπŸ’€), injured my hand from taking notes all day, and survived my classmates complaining about not taking Advil before coming to class. But on a more positive note, I've been scrapbooking for over a week now!