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\day 7\ school --- • very excited for my school dance :blobhypedance: • had to organize some stuff misc --- • once again, dying on math hw :blobkittenknife: • did some more cf practice -- solved a few problems • reorganized my desk! :desk: • i hate science grrr • my mouse is breakign FSDF
OMG IT WORKS!! finally figured out how to get the data and the position data of the object too :) the next step is to write a checker that returns whether both a phone and person are in an image and whether the position of the phone is above 1/3 the height of the person... i was also able to read up on how to trigger a screenshot :) day 5 of #10-days-in-public (i'm grinning in the photo because i can finally see how the project might come to fruition!!)
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Configured custom domain
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markdown blog w next.js
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My Hack Club application call was scheduled! Looking forward to it and starting my own Club at my High School!