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look out for flying goose :thinking:
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Today I did another Hack Club :hack-club: Pull Request! :pullrequest: This time on the Scrappy :scrappy: Repository! :quad_parrot: :github: It's an update to the emojiKeyword.js file, I added more emoji keywords, useful to make new automatic posts reactions on Scrapbook! :parrotdad: I'll try to add more on this next days, beside working on other projects! 🌩️ Also today was the start of my last week :tw_spiral_calendar_pad: at High School! :backpack: After this, I will only have my final exams and classes will be over, this is a bit sad :sadge: but thanks to all of the amazing :cooll-dino: memories I have at my school, I look forward for the future, and I know I made good friends, had great teachers and had a great time. :yay:
Forgot to post this earlier - finished the website for PyraHacks (a hackathon being hosted by #memphis-hack) recently. Imo it turned out pretty well!
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Added a streaks page to the Scrapbook site. See the leaderboard at I also rode a bike with clip-in pedals for the first time. I fell twice, but it was super fun. Also chased some geese.
Today I walked around, went for a small hike and saw a group of ducks and a goose! 🦆 :goose-da-right: I worked on homework again so didn't have a lot of time to do other things, and I saw a few colleges campus to take into consideration for my college decision progress as well! Here's some pictures of the ducks I saw earlier: