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In preparation for a club meeting tomorrow, I just shipped's-introduction-to-github (repo:, which is a GitHub Labs course for getting started with GitHub, the P2P Hack Club way 😄 Expect a lot of orpheus, corny jokes, and fun drawings that I got to incorporate from the hackclub/dinosaurs repo 😄. If you haven’t used GitHub Labs before, it’s learning how to use GitHub on GitHub. In this course, you help publish Orpheus’s website for their science project, using the GitHub flow. The entire course is based upon GitHub’s Introduction to GitHub course, which made it really easy to set-up (writing this and testing took around 4 hours) It’s definitely rough around the edges right now, but we’ll be going through it tomorrow with my club, and I’ll be updating and tweaking the course over the next couple of days to make the learning experience even smoother! Suuuuper fun to make, I definitely want to make a GitHub Labs course from scratch in the future.