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We celebrated Memphis HackClub’s first birthday today and launched merch to find out HC bank account! It has been an amazing year with so many awesome experiences. After a year, we have quite a few members, but more importantly I have seen growth in out hackclubbers both in intellect and character and excited to lead this club until summer!!!
help i actually like rails
🚢 wahoo, it's a :bank-hackclub-dark: ship! 🌈 ever wondered how to deposit a physical check into your Hack Club Bank account? or connect a crowdfunding campaign or merch shop to Bank? 💰 well now you can learn how to, right from the Bank dashboard! in the new 📝 “Documentation” tab, you can learn about connecting third-party fundraising platforms, get familiar with depositing physical checks, and access resources including Legal Docs, Branding, and FAQ. :flying_money_with_wings: 🦄 🏦 not on hack club bank? 🏧 you can see the pages in transparency mode at if you find any bugs or have any suggestions, let me know :D 🥚 🗿 🐇