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Made this fun little gizmo on HCB which let’s you generate custom QR codes for yourself! thanks @ian for helping me out with all the Rails standards and stuff
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Day 1 of #10-days-in-public: not exactly the project I rsvp’ed with because I’ve been busy working on this Other Thing—I’m running a booth with Liv and Belle at a conference for high school girls in Vermont tomorrow to demo Sprig & talk about Hack Club, so I’ve been thinking of how to make that fun and engaging. In preparation for that, today, I spun up an interactive web thing (similar to hackclub/assemble-tv-thing) and also assembled a Sprig console.
It was a nice day so I went outside and decoded a QR code by hand(I only used an ascii lookup table bc I haven't memorized it well enough lol) As you can see the message was Hello :)
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