relaxing day with high level discussions around clubs. planning out the move to stripe issuing. draw some space stuff 🚀 with sharpie pens that @christina695 picked up at the art store (thank you!).
Every two weeks, @christina695 & @zrl & I write a newsletter to Hack Club’s biggest donors & supporters. Though they look simple, we each spend many hours planning, writing, editing, revising, & testing them. They’ve been an incredibly useful tool for our fundraising, so as we send out new ones, we open source old ones, six weeks behind. Since I’ve been writing our latest issue, I’ve also published our issue from May 20. Here’s a video of the shortcut I made on my iPad to publish!
What happens if I double-post in a day 😈 Scrapbook CSS Workshop with these amazing people! 😁 @dinaelhanan @christina695