1-day streak
Worked on moving firebase over to the client-side, and finally got the db working!
:ultrafastparrot: LOOK AT THAT *GLOW* :ultrafastparrot:
might ship something today :blurryeyes:
Made improvements to Scrapbook Frens!! Using dynamic routes you can now specify which profile to view in the URL, and mutual frens are shown with the :infinity: symbol!
I’ve adapted @sampoder’s find a hack clubber project to generate a list of a random user’s frens via scrapbook webrings!! Makes we wish I had a scrapbook webring of my own 😢
It’s almost midnight and for streaksss here’s the error message I’m getting trying to fetch data from the Scrapbook API with Next.js 😬
you know what this means… :rickroll:
Just got notion-enhancer!!
First day of using spline and I’m super impressed by how intuitive it is!! I’ve created a model inspired by the crown since i’ve been binge-watching it recently
Trying out Spline. It’s fun and the learning curve isn’t too steep
Today I migrated my personal website to with Vercel! :vercel: I should probably rebuild it with next.js someday…
Made a jack-o-lantern version of the sad cowboy orpheus
Made a sad cowboy orpheus :sadcowboy:
I’ve added partial custom emoji support! Here’s a swarm of party parrots :partyparrot_conga: :congaparrot::congaparrot::congaparrot::congaparrot::congaparrot::congaparrot::congaparrot:
It's been, like, forever since I last posted lol. Anyways I've been working on a new project that'll allow you to send reactions to others in real-time, so you can use it alongside Zoom :zoom: and other things. Had to learn react:react: and, but it was pretty fun and rewarding :D I've still got a lot of work to do, like adding custom reactions yay! it was kind of the whole point to be able to send cult of the party parrot gifs :partyparrot_conga:
finished the react tutorial series on Codecademy!
Learned about passing information through props in React, totally different than vanilla js and quite eye-opening!
So, the last time I tried learning react I got stuck. and quit. So this time I'm trying a different approach, with a codecademy course. It's a bit simple, but at the same time I'm liking their explanations and I'm optimistic that this will help me in some shape or form :)
Learning! created a chat app today and supplied a one-way conversation
Created a PR to move the webring to! (webring's broken now btw)
Shipped a project today!!! :shipit: (my first ship at hack club actually)
Made some good progress on the Hack club webring... think I'm almost ready to #ship it! (btw it's different from the Scrappy one)
Got started on a new webring project today for Hack Clubbers! I was mostly doing research about webrings but I managed to create a repository and bootstrap page. I'm hoping to incorporate the Hack Club's theme (I have to start from scratch since this isn't a React project)
it's a plotplot
Did some maintenance on my NeoCities site! (not quite active on it anymore tho)
doing transfer learning with TensorFlow Hub so i can take advantage of pre-trained models :D)))
video demonstrating that my screen tapper sort of works... what a disappointingly small stream of chickens 🐔
created a screen tapper for my phone using a stylus pen but it only works when i hold onto the wire to give it some sort of grounding
Signed up for covid global hackathon 2.0 (also hack club isn't a part of it this time right?)
Created a quick siri shortcut that lets me easily record questions i'm too lazy to search up
Apparently WordPress has a code editor...
Transfer learning w tensorflow! (thank goodness for colab)
first time seeing birds at the bird feeder i set up a week ago
Goin thru the react docs ⚛️
found out that I legit don't understand anything from the react tutorial... off to brushing up my js skills too lol
trying out and finding out that you need to set up hosting and a domain before even installing smh
Created a time travel feature for Tic Tac Toe using React - learned about keys and a bunch of other things today!
applied for codelabs last minute (fingers crossed!) but no worries SoM will still be my priority :D))
Added a link to my scrapbook on my personal website, and changed the scrapbook theme to reflect my personal website :)
Created tic-tac-toe with React and I lost against myself. It's a start!
Working a bit on theming for the scrapbook - created a gist but didn't really change much lol
Set up a local environment for a React app - completely new to it and i'm just following the official tutorial 🤷‍♂️