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The core concept works!
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A check on the machine
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:shooting_pepe_cowboy: HOWDY Y’ALL! YEE HAW! HEARD YOUSE FOLKS LIKE GRAPHS AND NERD SHIT! … that’s enough of that. We occasionally like looking at channel activity. Unfortunately, Slack’s official stats page SUCKS. Poor @KaraMassie has been, like, manually putting stuff into a spreadsheet every week for months. So. I built her a nice little webapp to see weekly stats in a much improved form factor! Always fun making things from scratch :) And since this stuff is cool to look at and helpful for everyone, it’s public and open to contributions ->
Reinstalling my laptop.
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day 3/10 of #10-days-in-public: got some significant progress done w my sprig game in javascript woah :js: it took me a while for certain bits but i had fun trying to figure out the logic! i think i might be able to finish this game by the end of the 10 days yayy
Let's get GOing!
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Step towards Competitive Programming😃
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:stonks: malti-tesking
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Got a new laptop finally!! In love with the red look😍 🤩
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