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I made a simple todo app using Next.js + Clerk (for authentication) + Supabase + Shadcn-ui in order to learn how to mesh those technologies together!
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@Arash & I at the Cloudflare / Supabase meetup in Singapore! Listened to a talk on R2 which will help us with #scrapbook-dev :D
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:codeday: 🇸🇬 We ran the first CodeDay in Singapore yesterday! We had a massive turnout and converted a retro cinema (that was formerly a disco dance floor) into a massive hackerspace. (ft @arsh7chetana, @Arash, @NeilGhosh & @neervikasv)
I am weirdly starting to like Typescript. Wrote all my guestbook serverless function code in it, I feel a sense of superiority. And I love Supabase - great UI, great everything. Now for the uploading comments part. My plan is to first validate and sanitize user input, generate a random ID for the comment which is stored in a second table, bcrypt the random ID and store the output hash, send an approval link via a Discord webhook which has the bcrypt output hash in the URL, clicking the link runs a different serverless function which checks the hash in the URL and compares it with the output of hashing the same ID from the second table. Pretty overengineered for a simple guestbook. The things I do to prevent spam.