Day 134 Today I soldered my trail group's boards with @ElliotShumsky & @ky200617. I also started some testing which I have yet to finish.
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no april fools plans for me today, but getting back into drawing! Here are some designs I’ve made for @ky200617’s #bin project & a raccoon character I’ve been working on
Right now I’m working on creating a pair of LED glasses from scratch for #onboard with a completely custom designed-PCB. Once I finish the design and get a working prototype in the mail, I’ll make a tutorial. The way it will work is that each eye has a grid of LED lights on it, and you will be able to program it to flash pretty patterns while they’re on your face. The glasses themselves are purely PCB boards, no extra components (so there is a front piece in the shape of sunglasses that go in front of your eyes, then 2 PCB pieces that go behind your ears and hold that front piece to your face. Over the weekend I had a call with @ky200617 to help me figure out how to lay out the components because I had trouble fitting them all, so now I’m spacing all the parts out to make it easier to route them. I’ve removed all the wires from the design, and will be starting the wiring from scratch. Also, you’ll see the neopixels gone from the board- now I’m going to wire up the rest of the board first before laying out the LEDs.
Today at Bean Town Bash, I worked with Matt, Austin, and Owen to build an application that wakes you up with a message of the temperature and clothing suggested for such a temperature. Owen & I made the front end in NextJS & Austin made the backend in Ruby On Rails & SQL Lite. Overall was lots of fun. Congrats @ky200617 on hosting an incredible Hackathon. The front end is functioning, but the backend is yet not deployed (it was being hosted temporarily using ngrok for the purpose of demoing the project at the event).
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it's ALIVE!!! (amazing work credit to @ky200617) This is just a pre-print, but an order of ~500 will be in production soon.
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Seeing it in person is a completely different experience. I must say @ky200617 this has made my week, this is absolutely amazing. This is all so surreal, I am so grateful to be apart of this. Wow.