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day 7 of #10-days-in-public – i had 2 build sessions with @caleb & @ella respectively. got the stepper motors wired up, belts tensioned (while talking over philosophy of tilapia w/ @ced), and generated some gcode for a crown test image
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@ced!!!!! @ced!!!!!! I was able to get the game engine to work, it took sooooo long
Here’s a demo of a game I made in Sprig. I started yesterday afternoon and this is what I have right now. My computer actually crashed yesterday and deleted like all the art so I had to redo that lol. I initially wanted to make a flight sim but I ended up simulating gravity (even though this is supposed to be like a tile-based map kind of game engine) and things just naturally happened from there. Thanks to @ced for all the bug fixing ~and no thanks to ced for all the crummy error messages sprig gives you~ :angryeyes:. Also thanks to Leo and Kara. 10/10 would recommend you try out sprig.hackclub.dev. I don’t often post here but someone told me I should. Here’s a link to the game as it is now: sprig.hackclub.dev/?id=69498e0157d29c9dafa168e998e82712. See if you can figure out the cheat code that lets you skip a level. Currently adding a score system (which will rely on a hacky text renderer ced made today). I’m really excited to see this on a physical console.
Update on the console development! We've made a new tile based game engine for making games! It'll help people focus more on game design and less on the engine mechanics. Here is a sample game: gamelab-o8wzoy1us.hackclub.dev/?id=0fab97880fee1f97734191f92c15b7cf We would LOVE people's help making more example games. Props to @ced for making this fun fire game. Also to @kognise for the reskin. I'm digging the PCB theme!
Today I started learning about what are GLSL Shaders thanks to a very cool art 🎨 project made with them that uses awesome :cooll-dino: math things like polar coordinates and Voronoi shapes, which I used previously with Paper.js! :javascript: All of this was thanks to @ced that mentioned this to me, besides his Shaders book recommendation: thebookofshaders.com 📕 Here's some screenshots of it! 📸 It's difficult but very interesting! I also I started to look for more themes to customize my coding setup and to change how internet websites look on my browser! 🌐 🕸️ Here's how my repositories look with a custom theme! 🎨 Although I still need to see more options and choose the best one for me. And finally, I read again a bit more of GitHub :github: CodeSpaces, and my following final exam that I'll have this next Tuesday will be Biology again! 🌱 🦠 :quad_parrot:
Today I added a small new thing to Splatter Paint! 🎨 As well I had some cool :cooll-dino: :blob-cool: conversations on the slack :slack: like every day :D this time about plants with @ced and others! Here's some pictures of the evening 🌆. Also I downloaded LDtk, which is a 2D Level Design Toolkit! 🎮 I'm also working on a ASCII project about frogs/amphibians. 🐸 Sadly :sadge: I still couldn't went to the movies 🍿 to watch Dr. Strange :drstrange: so I'll have to wait more and my ISP is now blocking Vercel :vercel: even with and others DNS Providers I tried, so I will be setting up a project of my own to try to solve this and as well use @BenjaminSmith server with Outline VPN! 🌐 :wireguard:
Happy Birthday and Hack Day 🧁 🍰 Hack Club!!! :hack-club: :quad_parrot: Today is Hack Club anniversary, an awesome day to celebrate! 🎉 Joining Hack Club has been a fantastic experience for me, it let me learn and build great things, make new friends and have the best moments! And today I designed a Gadzo͞oks!𓃞 workflow for @caleb in #denio-den! And I’m going to be working on a better version of my Itch.io website for my game development projects! In this area, I need to learn more how the DOM works, and I'm going to be using @ced's tips and resources he gave me some time ago!!! 🎮
:eye_real: Had an epic pair programming session and worked on a HTML canvas game with @ced today. We illustrated some pixel art sprites, made a game map in Blender, & lots of math. :uwu_face:
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Working on a small project to pass functions from the backend to the frontend without worrying about API routes and parameter parsing. Thanks @ced for helping me figure out parsing the JSON body
Had a fun call with @ced today and opened my first gamelab pr!!
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Today I worked on a small game design thanks to @ced who gave me some useful game development tips and also I started setting up my new linux install with Endeavor OS next to my current Pop_OS install!
a day in the life of a zfogg coding, apparently lol.. wakatime is so insightful. thanks @ella and @ced
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I think all documentation should be written this way! 😆 (Shoutout to @ced for writing it)
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More progress on the hackagotchi iOS app! Now the hexagons can move into different formations! Now there's 2 pressing questions we need to ask @ced : api ready when? and standalone client when?
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I've been trying to switch to :vim: for the past couple days and unfortunately I screwed up when installing plugins, so I had to delete everything in the directory that Neovim was and start setting it up all from scratch. And after many days of struggle I finally finished setting it up, so I can finally code again. It wouldn't be possible to start from scratch again without many members of the community, such as @ced, @luke, @swlittle7, and many others.
followup from my post earlier today-- sometimes random comments like these make my day loll thanks @ced. also i think i've called @hkatzdev a genius at least twice from all the witty cool things he's said 🤣 and yes i am a wannabe vscode girl
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Here's a leak from a discussion in the hackagotchi dev channel (@ced look what i did)