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Super thankful for my tasty gift from @blakedfreeman and really enjoyed movie night!
Today was one of those days where a lot happened but nothing huge... I guess this is the highlight: the Student Council is collecting chocolates and sweets this week and packaging them up to send to Social Service workers here in Singapore who have been working tirelessly throughout COVID-19, great to see the school coming together to help out :D here's our progress one day in to the collection, looking good!
Text on Big Sur Dark Mode is pretty cool. Also join #flex
I baked strawberry πŸ“ matcha 🍡 chocolate 🍫 cheesecake brownies!! After it came out it just tasted overwhelmingly like chocolate 🍫 , but it’s still so goooooood (it’s darker than it looks in the pic) Then after all that chocolate I ate a mango πŸ₯­
Made hot chocolate from scratch for the first time!
Yeee ur boi made churros and chocolate dipping sauce πŸ₯– (<β€” closest emoji lol)
Made some hot chocolate. Taking a break was a really, really good idea.
i made chocolate covered strawberries today :))