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I spent most of my weekend practicing algorithmic problems, and I got an electronic kit from CodeDay. :codeday: I don’t have much experience with Arduino, so I am excited to see what I can build!
I also got some free stuff!!!!! My teachers GitHub box came in, yay!! she gives it all to me to distribute soooooooo also a CodeDay hoodie!!!!!
Today is a great day! I got a massive bag of goodies from Codeday!!! Yeet
Okay, this one is a memory from a loongggg time ago — CodeDay Bay Area Winter 2019. My first hackathon ever, and I made my first website, which Zach helped me on (look at the horrid jojo siwa on the screen). Also, my first time hearing about Hack Club. After the workshop, Zach and I stayed behind talked for a good 20 minutes about coding and he told me his entire story (Yo was used to warn other people about bombings) and showed me his apps. My best hackathon memory, by far.
My internship group at @CodeDay Codelabs just wrapped up! I learned a lot, and I was in a group with some amazing people. Thank you @saharsh for being our mentor! We created a short demo video about the chrome extension that we maa In 4 weeks, we created altML. altML is a chrome extension that uses machine learning to generate image captions for websites that don’t have them. Check it out at!
CodeDay Labs Project ✅ Very proud to finish the project, biggest piece of software I've ever built :partyparrot: despite my team and mentor completely bailing on me, it's finished! Going to do a more detailed ship when I'm not handling 10 things at once... also worked with the Student Council on a new event for the upcoming school year, building a new site that I'm already proud of, had a haircut for the first time in 7 months so I am now missing a lot of hair feels weird, also trying to figure a few issues with hardware party 🤞
redid basically half of my codelabs project coz i found a major security issue with my code 😲 so that was stressful but all good now, sent messages to all those forgetful people and we're finally sending out some grants that i'd procrastinated on coz of all my bans (feels great yippeee) because my room is boring, here is a photo of me and a pineapple i won 🍍 (my mom than went and chopped it up for fruit salad)
:codeday: :hardware: 📦 :scrappy1: my day in emojis... and here's a photo of the sunset over Luang Prabang (Laos) really nice place, loved having the chance to travel there with my friends
I worked with my internship group at CodeLabs to create a little recap video about what we did this week for our prototype day tomorrow!
Today I did more small things: codelabs project, hardware grants and a scrappy bug fix! Me and @vitaliy172 just spent hours getting his hardware to ship (fun lol). And here are some photos from me collecting my monthly mask rations! This time I got two reusable masks instead of one and I could get them from a vending machine. The new masks are lighter and more breathable though they don't have as great of a fit as last months... also the government went light mode! 😷 (third one for the photography contest)
Using Twillio to build my CodeLabs project! (I'm worried I'm going to run out of credits)
Got to have a call with Tyler (Exec Dir @ SRND) and learned a lot from him! Also met up with a UX Designer, had a call with the Women in Politics Club founder at my school, and checked in with my internship mentor. Time to get to work on my projects ✌️