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Working on a chrome extension to manage and save different excalidraw projects, an alternative to the plus plan they offer. So far a very basic UI to get the core features down:
Since my last update, I did a few things: • Worked on my desktop-transferred version of the raycaster to make it multithreaded and rendered a really nice 1080p image to finish the book. This is still the exact same raycasting code from the calculator but modified to run in one process per thread and merge the images in the end. I tried to mimic the ending scene they have in the book. This is the first image attached. • Worked on my calculator version to make it progressively render images so I can pause it at any time and have a nice-looking image. I thought this would be simple -- store the accumulated color of every pixel in a list, add to it, and divide by the total samples each pass. However, the restricted environment I'm working with is starting to show. It turns out that Python code is only allowed an extremely small amount of memory -- around 20KB from my testing. This meant that, no matter how I stored the data (unless there's some magical way to losslessly and efficiently store a color per pixel that I'm unaware of), it ended up being a tradeoff of either rendering at full resolution and not using this new feature or rendering at quarter resolution. Overnight, I did a quarter-resolution render, and I'll probably go back and do a full-resolution one without the new progressive system. However, the quarter-resolution render still looks great! It intentionally has a pretty aggressive depth-of-field, so the blurred left and right spheres are expected. It's cool that stuff like this can be done on a calculator (and programmed on a calculator)! The second image is a screenshot through my fixed libnspire and the third is the same image on the calculator's screen. I've been doing a scrapbook post for every hack session (and often doing work without a hack session), so I misunderstood the proper flow there... However, consider this my true "ship" of this project idea. I'll probably keep adding to it with concepts from the later books, but I also have some other projects I'm excited to work on!
The arcade tutorial going to be unselected for the rest of the challenge is annoying me so this is my answer
Greetings,:beatsaber: fellow Hackers, Hack Clubbers & hardware wizards! It's Day 12 of WHW #hardware-party, and I come bearing exciting news from our winter wonderland drone project. After weeks of hard work, late nights, and endless cups of hot water (Did not have cocoa:sadge:), we've finally done it! Our drone is complete!!!:aussieparrot: The drone has very cool attachments & features like a high-resolution camera and advanced sensors that can detect changes in temperature, humidity, and air pressure. It's highly adaptable and can fly in humid, fog, and terrain which is difficult to traverse! Along the road, we faced our fair share of difficulties, from debugging code to testing flight stability while being ill, but I overcame them all with the help of my trusty hot water and team spirit. It was all worthwhile in the end. We have developed a drone that is not only useful but also a tonne of fun. In the end, I would like to T:hackclub-slack:ANK @HackClubBank-U04SEGJ8WN5 for funding this project and @MelanieSmith for overseeing it, and @TanishqUpmanu-U04F0RWGARH for helping me so much! Now, let's raise a cup of hot water (cocoa for the rich people☕) to this fantastic journey of building a drone project and celebrating its end. This will be my last WHW post and #drone series. Thank you all for supporting! I'll see you all tomorrow! Bye, Goodnight! PS : Gonna get into all the #44-74 stuff going around! Gotta solve those mysteries YK!
Made a silly little program that generates icons similar to github. Way I did it has 17,179,869,184 versions, or around 17.2 billion. If you ignore color, it has 32,768 different combinations, but I'd rather brag about 17.2 billion.
Hey Hack Club! We’re at FOSSASIA today :roo-yay:
Day 5 of WHW #hardware-party, Done with the physics exam, unfortunately, My set didn't have many questions on modern physics but magnetism, and that's where I messed up, Well maths is next, let's see how it goes! Btw, today I edited the accel-calibration code in the flight controller! Well, that was it for today! I'll see you all tomorrow! Bye, Goodnight.
Day 2 of WHW #hardware-party So, today I am coding the GPS Module System, I added and altered the code to enable more precise locations for better navigation while flying the drone. Tomorrow I will start working on the hardware! Thanks.
Day 1 of WHW #hardware-party I was so busy with exams that I forgot to post! Sorry guys. So, Here I am Coding the altitude calculation system for my team's drone, A tip for others who are facing problems with APM, for example: so I was not getting the correct reading of altitude in APM so I used (True Altitude = Indicated Altitude + (ISA Deviation × 4/1000 × Indicated Altitude) to get the correct reading.