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My cow 🐮 🐄
I wanted to learn how to build my own search engine, but didn't like the speed of web scrapers and the deployment of most alternatives. When I came across the search API, it hit me: let's build Google with Google. Well, moogle to be precise :cow-face: Using the Google Search API and a few hacky solutions, I just published the Custom Search Engine workshop!! vv excited to see what other hack clubbers make :hyperfastparrot: The best part about this workshop is customization! if CSS is your jam, then this is perfect to make something that you love. i would love any feedback, or just to see what y'all come up with!! Workshop: workshops.hackclub.com/custom_search Code: replit.com/@rajnagrwl/search Happy Hacking!
Summary of winter break: I actually didn't code much this break, instead focusing on learning. I fully migrated to Linux on all devices, and did a few rices. Mainly I read up on how computers work on a lower level. Hopefully I can do something cool with that knowledge. Mentally exhausted for school starting again. I did write some code though, I did the start of a bootloader. Windows slowed me down a lot, so hopefully I can actually get somewhere now that I'm using Linux on my desktop too. might also remake my homepage, as it was one of my first websites idek
conversing with a kow
Finished building the UI of this brand new dairy management system! Needs a lot more improvements though! Some UI inspiration from your side will be highly appreciated! Because i am not getting any fresh idea😑
Had fun last night! Found some cute creatures while trekking down from the mountain
Made fluffy lemon cupcakes! (but no frosting so... muffins??)
https://cloud-armzujvv9.vercel.app/0image_from_ios.jpg https://cloud-armzujvv9.vercel.app/1image_from_ios.jpg