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Our checked bag finally came with the best souvenir: an authentic, used cow bell!
My cow 🐮 🐄
I wanted to learn how to build my own search engine, but didn't like the speed of web scrapers and the deployment of most alternatives. When I came across the search API, it hit me: let's build Google with Google. Well, moogle to be precise :cow-face: Using the Google Search API and a few hacky solutions, I just published the Custom Search Engine workshop!! vv excited to see what other hack clubbers make :hyperfastparrot: The best part about this workshop is customization! if CSS is your jam, then this is perfect to make something that you love. i would love any feedback, or just to see what y'all come up with!! Workshop: workshops.hackclub.com/custom_search Code: replit.com/@rajnagrwl/search Happy Hacking!
Summary of winter break: I actually didn't code much this break, instead focusing on learning. I fully migrated to Linux on all devices, and did a few rices. Mainly I read up on how computers work on a lower level. Hopefully I can do something cool with that knowledge. Mentally exhausted for school starting again. I did write some code though, I did the start of a bootloader. Windows slowed me down a lot, so hopefully I can actually get somewhere now that I'm using Linux on my desktop too. might also remake my homepage, as it was one of my first websites idek
Finished building the UI of this brand new dairy management system! Needs a lot more improvements though! Some UI inspiration from your side will be highly appreciated! Because i am not getting any fresh idea😑
Had fun last night! Found some cute creatures while trekking down from the mountain