1-day streak
Tinkering with the leap
Made a detailed 3D model of my self balancing robot in fusion 360
Making a 3D model of my new self balancing robot in Fusion 360
Received the Orpheus Leap today. Thanks for the nice message @roshan! SoM 3D printer in the back for flex.
Made a self balancing robot with my custom made PCB and 3D printed chassis
Received my first professionally made PCB from JLCPCB :ultrafastparrot:
Finished making an RC airplane today. I designed and 3D printed all the red parts
Managed to run some wind tunnel test simulation on an airplane wingtip I designed ✈️
Really excited for this! :vercel:
Been a little busy with tests and classes but here is my first successful(ish) dual color print on my new dual extruder set up
3D printed among us character a few days ago
We made AIs play against each other in Tic Tac Toe and the game always ends in a tie (as expected)
Designing a new X carriage for my 3D printer cause nobody else seems to have designed one with the particular hotend I have
Been trying to fix layer shifting issue on my 3D printer. It's running much smoother and silent with new Trinamic motor drivers but layer shifting is something I'm having hard time solving.
Installed new controller board, stepper drivers and LCD on my 3D printer. Also replaced all the bearings with new ones. Sensorless homing works too!
SOM hardwares just arrived! Soooo hyped. Thank you so much to whole SOM team and especially @roshan for so much help. Can't wait to get these running
Ran the first workshop in my club on Zoom yesterday
Finally learning CSS from @sampoder's workshop.
I was away from everything related to tech for some time, but I'm back with this tic tac toe game that I coded to run on a M5StickC.
Tic Tac Toe on M5StickC let's go!
Designed an airplane wingtip in Fusion 360
Today's print
Programmed the M5StickC to show available WiFi networks and their signal strength.
I made an IoT device last month that used to count how many times I enter or leave my room. It plugs into any USB port, connects to the WiFi and starts working instantly. Here's the finished project/product. The casing was custom made from a local acrylic glass shop. It is actually now being used at a local business office and they're happy with the data they're getting on their server.
Printing the biggest design I ever did, estimated to take 16 hours
Haven't really done much other than online classes today. So here's a video of something I made last year
Burnt the last piece of Arduino I had. It let out the magic smoke, clearly has a burn mark on the microcontroller, doesn't receive any new codes, but somehow still prints stuff on the LCD
mad scientist stuff
Made some progress on the casing build for my DC load project (lost a long streak again 😕)
Tried designing a screw and nut in Fusion 360. 3D printing time!
Took a look inside a running hard disk drive. It's a Hitachi 80GB HDD from my old computer.
First package of #hardware-party just arrived :yay: #summer-of-making
Been printing parts to make nanoleaf style wall lights. I still haven't been able to find RGB LEDs in local shops though
Went out after a long long time and literally did nothing productive
I wish I did a better a job with the lighting on this timelapse but it doesn't look too bad I guees
Got some white filaments and printed this fan part. Also printed the jet engine looking fan vent cause why not
More cool timelapses yay
Here's an octolapse I recorded yesterday. Still finding ways to take better quality footage
Somebody asked me to make a whole bunch of IoT devices ; )
Finally got a working Octoprint timelapse, or "Octolapse". Couldn't find a single working tutorial on how to do it with a phone instead of a webcam or digital camera or the Raspberry Pi camera module. Made my way through many documentations and YouTube videos and finally got it working. Getting Octoprint itself was quite a bit of a challenge having a clone Arduino on my 3D printer. Raspberry pi just couldn't seem to detect the Arduino, but eventually figured out a way to make it work. Many hours of tinkering around was totally worth it. Time to get some amazing timelapses on my next prints
Decided to not sleep til I can get octolapse working
Been setting up and playing around with Octoprint running on my Raspberry Pi since morning. It just made 3D printing so much easier. Now trying to find a way to use my phone to take those cool 3D printing timelapses. It might be possible through this Octolapse plugin but I'm not quite sure if it supports an Android phone as webcam.
New X axis for the 3D printer is complete. I just love how the fan cover turned out and print quality is now much better than before at high speeds.
More 3D designing action today
I've been designing and printing a new X axis gantry for my 3D printer
Joining an online "ideathon" for the first time
Upgraded the Y axis on my printer to have adjustable bed leveling knobs and new bearing holders under the bed support
Been upgrading my 3D printer. Working on the 3D printer is more fun than printing
Printed an open source fan cover :opensourceparrot:
Still debugging some problems but here's me coding a PIR motion sensor triggered IoT device that uses IFTTT
Literally haven't done anything today other than listening to music and watching YouTube. So here's a photo of an airplane I like. Thinking of making a 3D printed model of it
Making my first discord bot #osf
Tried painting a 3D print for the first time. It's a cooling fan cover. Really like how it turned out, time to upgrade the old ones on my power supply I guess
3D printing is addicting. I didn't use my phone for 9 hours to take this timelapse, only to shrink it down to 8 seconds
Beware of those teeth :leftshark:
Here's a 3D print timelapse I made yesterday. There's quite a bit of ghosting on the flat side but that's from the rusty old linear bearings that I'm using. I'm waiting for new ones to arrive from China, and it's taking forever.
I printed 2 upgrade parts for my 3D printer today which took 9 hours total and a lot of plastic. When it was about to finish, I realized that I had been printing the wrong part and it won't work with the hardware on my printer. :sad_pepe:
3D printer update: Got a mirror for the heated bed. Printing an LCD cover right now.
It was a tiring day. Also found out that a part on my 3D printer broke, but it still prints fine
Today's print. Absolutely amazing quality as a DIY printer
Printed this today
More prints today. Some upgrades to my printer as well
Printed some upgrades for the printer. I love how it can print and expand itself (on my command of course, fortunately?)
3D printer build update: This is the second print I did on this printer and I would call that a success in spite of the fact that Y axis is mirrored :))
My first ever attempt at 3D printing, on a printer that I made myself. It failed but I'm only getting started
🖍️ I'm not sure if this is the correct category to post this art in, or if this would be considered an art at all. What's special about this drawing is that it was drawn just by using straight lines. It was drawn on a CNC pen plotter/drawing machine that I made. So, no actual drawing skill from me. However, this particular drawing took me a really long time to generate GCodes for. It was a process of using multiple photo editors to create the perfect grey-scale image of this photo of my favorite singer. Then using multiple GCode generating software to find out what generates the best GCode for my machine, and modifying the final GCode using a text editor to make sure everything will work. After 3-4 failed attempts, it took over 9 hours for this just one drawing (I fell asleep) and it consists of more than 4000 straight lines if I remember correctly.
Making a guide on configuring 3D printer firmware
3D Printer Build Update: I haven't been much productive at all these days, waiting for my 3D printer parts to arrive. However I have been reading plenty of articles and tutorials regarding 3D printing. I've also been watching YouTube videos on other 3D printers to get some idea for improvements on mine.
Noooo I lost my streak
The clouds were beautiful today. So I tried taking an HDR timelapse. That means, taking HDR photos every fixed interval of time for a long period, and combining the photos together to make a video. Unlike ordinary time-lapses, this video has a much higher quality and resolution. Normal time-lapses only give you the quality you'd get when taking videos, while the HDR photos on the Google Camera app gives you better dynamic colors and higher resolution. Combining the photos gave me quite an amazing video. Note that this was done on a really ordinary phone from 2017
Printing with invisible filament cause I don't have an extruder.
I recently got this PCB design printed at a small PCB printing service, but forgot to mirror the design before sending it to them. So now I have a PCB thats completely upside down. :oof:
3D Printer Build Update: Everything works. It homes and centers properly. Bed and nozzle heats up. But it's missing just one part required to print, the filament drive gear. I'll probably have to wait around a week for it to arrive from China and I can already tell, it's gonna be the one of the longest wait of my life.
Yayyy! It took quite a few hours of soldering and debugging to get the Z axis working smoothly.
3D printer build update: 6 hours of soldering today, dinner break in between.
3D printer build update: Installed Marlin firmware
3D printer build update: Looks more like a printer now, doesn't it?
3D printer build update: The X axis is ready! Yesterday I finished building the Y axis. 2 down, 1 to go.
3D printer build update: The bed can now move!
3D printer build update: now everything is nicely screwed in together. No more tapes
3D printer build update: Taped together the frame.
The extruder nozzle for my 3D printer came broken :sadparrot:
Starting to build a 3D printer today! I'm finding too many projects to do in this quarantine. I was building something else but recently I was surprised with a lot of 3D printed parts for making a new printer by a friend who already owns a 3D printer. Today I finally got all the parts I need to get started with building it. The 3D printed parts will make the build really quite easy. It may not print great on first try but I'll eventually upgrade it with its own printed parts, hopefully reaching a point where it's as good as a commercial printer. Wish me luck!
Voila! From drawing to real life. I've been planning to make this project for almost a year now.
Learning Kirchoff's Law
Cut some plywood for a project today
Reading more on calculations for buck converters
Just made this poor little thing escape the magic smoke with 12V on 5V pins :((
My computer table is a mess. Finally managed to make a buck converter with Arduino. Got an efficiency figure of 91% when stepping down from 12V to 5V 😉
Here's a newbie 3D modeling I did a few days ago as practice
I put together yesterdays counter circuit on a prototype PCB. I'll keep it running in my room so that the whole world can see if I'm entering or leaving my room here. Yesterday night, a bug probably sat on the sensor and managed to break the code. The online dashboard showed that I entered/left my room 400 times throughout the night. The WiFi modules was stuck in a boot loop when I woke up 🤯
Internet of Things is fun. I just made this visitor counter. It uses a distance sensor to detect if anybody is entering or leaving through a gate and sends the data to ThingSpeak online. ThingSpeak then shows the number on a graph. This is the type of device used in shopping malls to get data on the number of customers. You can see how many times I enter or leave my room for today here
I've been tinkering with IFTTT a lot these days. Yesterday I found this amazing service. Check it out here
Not a new PCB design but I had left it incomplete long ago. Finally completed it today. It's for an electronic load project based on the Arduino Nano.
Today's soldering. It's a small power regulator board that will give me multiple positive and negative voltage outputs from a single AC transformer. It will come handy for prototyping analog circuits. Works like a charm on first power up
Internet is down today so it's time to hack together some hardware! This is going to be a motor driver circuit to work with M5StickC modules. Pardon my poor parts placement. Posting this with mobile data.
Here's a full photo of my CNC drawing robot, or pen plotter from yesterday. I made it last year and I get surprised every time it runs cause most of my hardware projects don't seem to last longer than a few weeks
#AMA with Limor Fried tonight. Pulled out the CNC drawing machine I once made from under my bed and drew the Adafruit logo on it.
Yesterday night I finished making this app that graphs all the sensor analog output values on my line follower robot. You can see how little it moves away from the center, even when taking sharp turns. Thanks to PID controller for such accuracy.
Tried an online dashboard service for the first time. My ESP8266 is sending my room temperature to the cloud and it's being written to a log every hour.
Started tinkering with MIT app inventor again after a long time. I use it because I cannot code in Android Studio :(( I made this app to test the DrawArc function for the canvas component that wasn't there when I last used the software. I managed to draw something that kinda looks like a graph I guess. Might be able to make a graph drawing app eventually which would be able to talk to an Arduino and get sensor data over Bluetooth, in order to plot it on the graph.
Made a studio light almost 100% out of recycled parts. LEDs are from old ceiling lights, the AC driver circuit got burnt but the LEDs light up bright as new. Metal frame is from an old computer casing and batteries are from old laptop. Simple high frequency dimmer circuit with Arduino - the only non recycled part. Can be mount on tripods easily. I will soon add warm white LEDs to make the light a bit more natural white. Hopefully it's gonna be of great use when recording videos :bananaparrot:
Continuing the chain. Love scrapbook
Built a weather server today as a test. I will later be installing it on the roof of the house to get yearly temperature and humidity graphs etc.