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I did a bit today, and I originally wrote this all up, but I accidently posted it in confessions, then proceeded to delete my long write-up. Whoops. That was bad. Starting with my science fair project, I've begun work on generation 2.5 hardware. Why 2.5, you may ask? Well, I designed generation 2 hardware, and it was never produced, and ended up being too big. So, I've began shrinking it, and creating a new PCB. This one uses a faster esp32 module, which should simplify things for me, and more crucially, also contains a USB interface. This should simplify the design some, and although the module is larger, it removes the need for an pesky usb-to-serial converter to solder. I've moved to an vertical mount USB-C connector, which should simply mounting of the board in the case and allow me to increase the board size by several millimeters, all while simplifying the charging process. Speaking of soldering, I've been forced to use smaller components for this revision of the board. I'm moving to 603 resistors (scary, those things are so easy to bump), though to be fair, I solder much smaller chips, and will be soldering much smaller chips anyways for this project. There's a lot of sacrifices that I am making to try to fit this as small as possible, but engineering is a game of calculated sacrifices, not everyone has the unlimited resources or budget for your project (most of the time). I haven't worked on my power app for managing my servers, but I should tomorrow. It's moved along nicely, and I look forward to adding authentication soon. Auth is a bit complicated, and I wish there was an easy way... I did however work on a different personal project, whipped up some figma designs, and hit an API rate limit. It should have reset at this point (1,000/24hr, resets at 7EST), so I think I will work on that and integrating it with StatsD to get me analytics and errors from part of the backend app for collecting data for the project. I like mongo and FastAPI with python, so I'm honestly just looking for a way to tie integration to that. The whole authentication and keeping it secure part is where it gets difficult. And JavaScript web tokens and all that stuff. I'm debating building the front end in react, I like the convivence, but it's probably unnecessary. Maybe I can shrink it down or something, it's a project designed to be integrated into other pages though. I'll figure it out, it's not too big. Not like my react is that good, I've just started learning it a few weeks ago, and I don't know too much yet. I've begun to narrow down my search for a laptop, I'm looking at Lenovo Thinkpad T15's or P15's (or a variant), or a member of the Dell Precision 7xxx family. They are all awfully expensive though, which is unfortunate. There's not many computers that fit my needs (nvme, 15in, not a gaming laptop, not look too ugly, numpad, backlit white keyboard, ethernet port, lots of other ports, decent back or side-output thermals, user repairable, well preforming i7/Ryzen 7 or higher. Tomorrow is a half day, and I plan to work on my power app and my science fair then. Friday I am fortunate enough to get off, so I might build a sprig game then... I have a few ideas, but none are set in stone yet. I'll see how it goes. I should check how many consoles are left, to be honest. I'm a bit angry it appears autodesk stripped eagle from the education pack. I liked eagle, but I should probably learn kicad. Eagle, Fusion, and Autodesk are honestly the only reason I still dual-boot into windows on my laptop... speaking of that, I need to customize my grub screen. I restrung my guitar today as well, I should have done that a while ago (It's been a bit!). For bonus points, I did a partial water change in my fish tank and watered my plants as well. My phone decided to die again, so that's a lot of fun. It just randomly turns off sometimes, and doesn't turn back on for days. I sent it to google; they said there wasn't an issue, but there clearly is. Oh well. I'm facing a productivity and time crisis right now; I have so much projects and things I should be doing, and my grades suck and I really need to study for the SAT. There's so much to do, but I can't seem to do much. I don't know. I'm always lost. Congratulations, you made it all the way through this message! I probably forgot something, but that's probably enough for now. Let's see how many emoji's that scrappy throws up. Probably enough to fill a cargo container. I'm sorry it's this long, this message just doesn't end (It's still not over..) Ohh, I have a secret ship coming hopefully along in the next few weeks! It's top secret! You will need to have to wait to see what it is!
gonna try learning guitar :)
Learned to play the guitar today! My friend is studying abroad so heโ€™s letting me use his guitar ๐Ÿ™‚ Iโ€™m making that face cuz my fingers hurt lol
Guess the song
In the process of shielding my guitar from EMI! Honestly, the factory should've done this, but this is a budget electric guitar from the early 2000's. Update: it works! It's so much better now, the annoying static and buzzing is almost completely gone!
Day 3 of #10-days-in-public! I practiced for like 3 hours and changed the strings on my guitarโ€”the old ones were getting pretty crusty
got a ukulele today!
ive found my guitar lets go
Yesterday, at school we hosted the first virtual assembly! Me,ย @neervikasvย @23neil.gย and Arsh did some crunch time video editing to produce the entire assembly video (30 min ish) in just under 4 hours! here's my little speech on student council, super rough coz the entire video rushed:
A little music
Playing guitar preparing for jazz band in a few weeks
been a great day, taught kids about air pressure... also learned a few new songs on guitar :yay: sending the video to my grandma now :parrot:
Learning something new :pig-happy-jumping:
I got bored, made a theremin