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github sponsors application got accepted, I doubt anyone gonna sponsor me but Ill open it anyways since there is no harm in doing so
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eeeeeeee i'm burning through my moneyyyyy (i also bought a 3 pack of iroshizuku off of amazon for 25 bucks hehe)
And so, Apple claims yet another unwary shopper...
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cool design
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Today bought two premium domains... :flying_money_with_wings:
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I willfully sold my first stock today (MDSO was acquired and got sold for me). I sold one of my Nintendo shares because I worry about super long term performance, and I know that boarder other ETFs and Indexs) will likely out pace it. I still have 2 more Nintendo shares, and still think they will be somewhat reliable in the near term. Most of ETFs, Indexs, and Stocks aren’t going anywhere for a long time.
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I continued working on my tennis ball launcher. I got both flywheel pieces printed and assembled, but could only find enough quarters to fill half the slots. So far it weighs 650g, but should be able to get past 1kg with all quarters. The hope is these quarters will add enough weight far enough from the axis of rotation to keep momentum as tennis balls shoot, giving more repeatable and rapid shots.
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yeet speedy me caught up with all the hardware grants and DMs (though just through my last meeting that's ticked back up to 12 dms so gotta check them all), also had a couple of meetings tonight starting off with a OnePwaa org get together where we planned out our post-COVID camp situation and then a chat with @msw and @roshan about "sending money around the world". Finished off the night chatting with @itsmingjie, @saharsh and Tyler about CodeLabs but it turned into people bullying Airtable so... idk what photo to share so here's the pizza I heated up today 🍕
Ahhh today I entered Kalustyan’s, aka *spice heaven* !!! :partyparrot_fiesta: Those who know me well know I’m obsessed with all things spice. This was practically Disneyland for me lmao; there were spice mixes from like every country, and like hot sauces to fill three aisles. Also for all the chai lovers out there, here’s a wall of delish chai mix of all flavors. Today I fulfilled two goals o mine: • having a huge ass bag of Cajun so I don’t have to keep begging from five guys for a weeks worth of supply lmao • getting this big ass green tea chai mix that so I have for college Also, it’s always been a challenge of my friends and I to try to test me w the hottest things we can find to discover my spice threshold (which has yet to be found). Finally found a carolina reaper (2.2 scovilles) which I’m prettty sure should do the trick haha. Shai share my reaction eating it here? re: the shopping haul pic, I can explain the boric acid. I’m not a madman lmao, it’s for carrom (any carrom players out there?)
On my way to drop out and live off article earnings 😎
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