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one of my least favorite things about using apple music is that i feel left out of all of the cool tools that developers build that are spotify-only, because the apple music api is so exclusive and bad that nobody wants to build any tools for apple music. i've been especially feeling this with @StevenConaway's #slotify—so i learned how the apple music api works and built slotify for apple music :applemusic: :yeah: this is just a bare-bones MVP with some bugs, and right now it's just for me, but if you use apple music and want to use it too, let me know and i'll add multi-user support
I'm gonna try to get @scrappy to react with as many emojis as possible, for no particular reason. When we arrived in space, there were shouts of "yay!" and "hooray!" I wanted to sleep, but the sunset was much too captivating. As I struggled to paint a representation of the masterpiece, my art was cut short by a reminder of our predicament. Our ship's Linux core had been damaged by a rain storm. Upon further inspection, is appeared as though the Rust installation on our ship's robot had been corrupted. We debated which language to replace it with; "Golang!" Matt said. "Swift!" Linus shouted. "Deno!" "JavaScript!" We decided on rewriting the robot's code using minecraft redstone (that way we didn't have to use npm). 15 years later, once we finished, we pushed to the GitHub repository. But wait! The robot's hardware was also severely crippled. We had to 3d print some parts, after getting the models from Google.
Just got home, had to drive 45 minutes to pick up some stuff for school, going to watch the nba later, going to eat dinner i think fried rice? not sure 🍚 , worked on my project, learning tons of cool things w backend and some frontend as well, joined #matthews-brain-dump which is honestly one of the best channels i’m in, practiced TONS of my music, and had school which made my eyes strain but I went to the beach to take a break so its all good now. I found out that the beach is super relaxing and the sounds of waves can literally be perfect meditation and wash away all your worries and problems. Also, the sand is super soft, no hard big rocks, and there is literally no one there on weekdays aka i hv a private beach all to myself. Here’s some piano 😁