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2nd boss in my sprig game ( entire update was over 25 sessions, so this thread is just the commits/stuff from the boss despite it being most recent commit rn) repo: (playable in sprig web) github.com/n0x1/sprig-roguelite new boss fight:
I added a major update to the text-based RPG that I am working on in JavaScript. The introduction/tutorial to the game is finished, although there are likely some bugs left to fix and potentially some more systems to integrate. The combat system also now includes the ability to rotate around a room to fight the enemies that are in the room. I have continued to work on the game's inventory system, which successfully tracks items but does not yet affect the stats of a player. GitHub: github.com/beyond-reality-dev/Spoken-Word-Sorcery
Started working on a game where you play as an alchemist in a adventurer party, but you have limited storage space in the form of a physical bag that you store both your potions to support the party and fight with and items you find Current Progress - Made the bag UI and setup a lot of test environment stuff. Create the resource system for items and enemies. Repo - github.com/raienelliston/Pirate-Software-Gamejam-July-2024/tree/main
Me and my friends want to run our own version of the famous Reddit r/place so here it is. I made some changes to the server to make it more fair and reasonable for regular users to fight with bots. Here is the code: github.com/code-ga/reddit-place-clone/tree/go
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Post # 2: This is long overdue but I have been creating a mega man battle network type game. The working title is lan - battle It will have 4 prefights followed by four bosses, You get to chose which boss you fight first and get to utilized powerups. Hours 26 - 51 were utilized to flesh out the shooting mechanic and create boss and powerup. Linked below is hour ~51: sprig.hackclub.com/share/60rwuNDz6PSxcV2TwOAy Github source repo: ( I did not realize I needed a github repo until hour 62, apologies) github.com/JustJoshingYa/lan-battle/tree/main
This is long overdue but I have been creating a mega man battle network type game. The working title is lan - battle It will have 4 prefights followed by four bosses, You get to chose which boss you fight first and get to utilized powerups. Hours 1 - 25 were utilized to develop the tutorial. Linked below is hour 25: sprig.hackclub.com/share/vILCg2ThKLNOMD8GqRz1 Github source repo: ( I did not realize I needed a github repo until hour 62, apologies) github.com/JustJoshingYa/lan-battle/tree/main
I just finished the level editor for my new tile based game! (yes I will finish my other stuff). So basically, you're a pirate going out to sea and you have to fight skeletons and upgrade the ship. I really needed an editor because manually writing all that out would have been pain. @JaydenWeng suggested I work on this. Anyway, you can try the editor here in the build directory (macos + windows): github.com/NikolasDaynard/tilemapped
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Day 14: Today was a day of much rearranging. While I was messing around with the heat system, I realized that, despite the fact that it works and offers a pretty complex simulation, it's not rewarding or useful, since there's nothing the player can do with it. I had to remind myself that this game is ultimately a prototype, which means I need to fight feature creep at every turn and just get the basics done. So I made the choice to axe the heat stuff. Onward we go! Meanwhile--here's a field group photo:
I did it but not without a fight. Something something no bootable drive detected… after hours of trying to fix it myself i just installed ubuntu on a dummy partition
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Mohan Day 5 update - github.com/hackclub/winter/blob/main/vmss2009.md Yay! after a prolonged workout with multiple options, I am able to get the FlutterFlow code run in another laptop(eventually it could be handled as web service) and it shows the data from RPI which has the RFID connected. Hmm, did not think it would be such a tough fight with RPI to run Linux version of FlutterFlow. vmss2009-winter-hardware-party
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Got the Tdap vaccine (schools here need me to have it), went to my school again but it was closed, went to the bank with my parents (who opened an account) where we asked the guy if I could have my own bank account but he said he needs special permission from his manager cause im a minor, and in the morning I became part of something exciting :shut: 👀. Posting a random screenshot cause scrappy is a complain bot. As one of the Zachs says, there are no surprises in Hack Club.