0-day streak
lost a 68 strk 😿
Tired day, talked w @anthonykung , went to the beach,did planning and more work for an event!
found this t shirt today from a whileee back and decided to wear it, it was actually my first ever hackathon (and where i met @zrl + @clairebookwormand a few other hack clubbers)! we didn’t win but we made this system that detects i think breast cancer or some type of cancer, in early stages so you can get treatment before it gets worse.
school is dull
BLM- Hack night has become Vibe/Song/Fire night
:partyparrot_sad: how could the bucks lose by 2 points? me sad, they tied it and then gave a foul and lost :sadparrot:
Just got home, had to drive 45 minutes to pick up some stuff for school, going to watch the nba later, going to eat dinner i think fried rice? not sure 🍚 , worked on my project, learning tons of cool things w backend and some frontend as well, joined #matthews-brain-dump which is honestly one of the best channels i’m in, practiced TONS of my music, and had school which made my eyes strain but I went to the beach to take a break so its all good now. I found out that the beach is super relaxing and the sounds of waves can literally be perfect meditation and wash away all your worries and problems. Also, the sand is super soft, no hard big rocks, and there is literally no one there on weekdays aka i hv a private beach all to myself. Here’s some piano 😁
Filled out leap form, surfed some waves 🌊 , talked a lot w @anthonykung for a personal project, watched the bucks lose to the heats 😢 , had much less time since school goes till like 3:40 pm for me and i don’t wanna sleep 2 late cuz school starts 7:55, going to test and create new code, learning tons of cool stuff whether thats from hack club peers or on google lmao. (I may have also texted in class but I asked @matthew and he told me that it actually makes me a better student so :flushed_russian: ) hehe
yay! clippers wonnnnnn :party-dinosaur: going to go to the beach in 20 minutes, did more coding + work for upcoming event 👀 got some help from @msw, getting sad and anxious that school is tmr ahhh! can’t wait to watch utah jazz vs nuggets in like 3 more hours @ 6pm pdt!
Fun day at the beach, LOTS of ppl, everyone pretty much social distanced? Took a pic of my shadow lol. Had some fun on hack night and heard @cp’s ~rambles~ great thoughts! Super chill day today, moving pretty quick on my project 😁 . created #winston for my rambles, thoughts, and ideas lol so join if u want! Coded some more stuff w php, html, and some js.
did the regular stuff today, not too much changed. I also finished all the work for sponsorships! I’m so happy and excited for this event that I’m planning and can’t wait to announce it! My back is getting WAY better and I can now do my normal routine. School is pretty boring but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.
Had fun at the beach, did even more sponsor work, planned ahead for some events, working on logistics of multiple things, ate oreos :oreo: , I spent way too long on zoom (like 8 hours), and my back hurts (i think its cuz i got flipped when i bodysurfed). Also had fries from mcdonalds 🍟 and a breakfast burrito from mcdonalds 🌯 Never really showed a video, wanted to show sound + vibe :chillparrot: + the birds 🐦
planning sumthing, did more sponsor work, had class today for the first time, skipped ice cweam :sadparrot: , went to the beach and swam even though it was rlly scawy and the waves were rlly choppy, learned that backend is actually rlly fun, lower back hurts from sitting too much, and happy I got some friends in my classes :parrot: Here’s a pic that is using wide angle w my phone:
did tons of more sponsor stuff, coded some front + back end, took a dive in the ocean but it was super strong and there were rip currents everywhere, finished the last of my caramel ice cream :sadparrot: , will miss theo sm😞, and happy that ppl hv gotten to my new scavenger hunt challenge! :parrot:
did some sponsor planning, watched lakers vs trail blazers (29 point different, lebron james is on 🔥 rn), ate some more caramel ice cream, went to the beach, and did tons of backend codinggg!!!! Here’s me ice cream lol
stickers came in the mail today! shoutout @minderella + @msw! Learning java for mobile app creation, going to the beach to cool off (if you didn’t notice, i go to the beach everyday), eating pear 😋 , and doing more backend coding 🙂.
created a second challenge for the scavenger hunt, body surfed some glassy waves, saw a dead sea lion far out in the ocean and it washed up on the beach which had like a bite of some sort(prob a shark bite), ate the last patches of watermelon since summer is coming to an end, and might participate in a hackathon.
ate caramel ice cream, worked on backend coding + setting up my first ever registration w php and XAMPP! Currently, trying to troubleshoot and error though :/ (the tutorials from 2003 r not rlly helping) Had fun participating and creating a riddle in the scavenger hunt! (may or may not hv gotten like 30 more peeps to visit my site cuz the key was on lol)
wow, 78 peeps that visited my website! so stoked! its really hot over here... going to work on backend stuff :)
had an amazing blast helping host a workshop for HackClub VIT Chennai! had an outrages number of participants! was a huge success!
wow, beach was glassy, hugeee waves, changed the darkmode of my website ( and really made colors POP, ran outta ice cream :( but getting more soon :) lol, learned much more abt back-end dev ( Im tryna learn it lol), and also working on SEO for!
I LITERALLY caNNOT wait to go to the beach. like, its SOOOOO HOT ♨️ , HUMID, and iCkY. 😓 happy that staff r slowly coming back, saw @matthew at hack night and @tmb back in #lounge ! Its rlly akward since my school starts august 31 so uhhhh everyones more busy and at school and i’m just here ¯\(ツ)/¯ 2/3 way done w a website, connected google analytics w the website, and setup settings on me new phone lol
first photos taken w my new iphone that has wide mode, had such a BLAST at the beach 🏖️ bc there was no wind 💨 , sky blue, not a cloud in sight, and nice rolling waves 🌊
my fam all got new phones, and so did i!!! i got the iphone 11 🙂 ! upgraded from the 7+ lol. no more fingerprints, but there is face id + water resistance. apparently, the iphone 11 can go up to 2 meters for 30 minutes and not break. time to test that out XD
might get a new iphone 👀 , played krunker lol, worked on my website again 💻 , ate yummy sea salt seaweed 😋 , and happy that my school starts very late 😁 ! (no beach today) 😞 also, hopefully getting some stickers!
changed my pfp lmao, didn’t go to beach 😢 , my family might switch to t mobile 🤫 , wrote more paragraphs abt my hobby, went in a krunker game for like 1 second as a guest, and receiving more submissions for talent show!!!! hav ur own interpretation of the pic below 😁
ate yummy watermelon 🍉 , added light/dark mode on website, wrote like 4 paragraphs for my hobby section on website, took a lunch trip for my aunts birthday and ate yummy hand-made chewy noodles with chicken broth 🍜 🐔 , missed community form 😞 but read the summary document (multiple times) and hoping 🤞 hack club can move on from this and bloom again like it used to 🌸 ❤️ ! Talent show is in 4 days, rn there is only 1 maybe 2 ppl who will perform in the talent show to win 200gp so not 2 much participation. Here’s a button on my website 😁
today was pretty fun, created my first deepfake, body surfed, and worked out logistics for upcoming hackathon w @matthewvandyke08. u should search up the words down below XD
tiring day not the most fun or energetic. mood=picture
👀 Thai tea bobba
Having a chill break today by hanging out w cousins, aunts & uncles, and grand parents. Took out some crayfish that accidentally spilled in the pool 😂, going to drink bobba 🤤, and tryna to finish my personal website. 🤪 fun day 😃
wow so stoked that Katie Paxton-Fear got to start-off the CTF!!!! CTF has finally started! :yay: 🎉
I will miss @melody for all the work they hv done for hack club :sadparrot:. I created a discord server, talked abt an event announcement tmr + one w @matthewvandyke08, added to my personal website, did some work for my internship 🙂, and got a pr merged for hack club dns on github Heard that some @staff arrived at their homes :rgbdino: and I can’t wait for y’all to make this school year super AWESOME!!!!!
busy day, got a wifi jammer that i will play around w, opened a pr for testing, and anxiously waiting for the ctf announcement tmr + ama! (disclaimer: wifi jammers r illegal if they r used to someone else’s wifi. I am strictly using it for testing purposes on my own home wifi)
got my event to be announced in #announcements on friday and on the events hack club page :partyparrot: also, ctf is getting announced this thursday so watch out 👀 anyway, i gotta get back working to my personal website cuz i kinda put it on hold for OSF and OSF Live. got an internship w a company today! heres a grin 😁
planning events, going to the beach, typing on my mac’s keyboard since a longgg time ago, had awesome feedback for OSF and OSF Live, ate a bell pepper pizza 🙂 here’s a pic of working LMAO
Just finished hosting OSF Live! it was super fun! we got, cool music ( may or may not hv stolen lovesick from @zrl), awesome challenge submissions, and more! rn, we r deciding the winner who will get 200gp!!!! overall, it was super fun and I really enjoyed it! also, 1 hour left of OSF task submissions!!!!!! Here’s some pics from OSF Live!
satisfying cleaning out all submissions from OSF. (it totally didn’t take like 1.5 hours) XDDDD anyways, day 2 of OSF, so many submission!! over 200!!! join #osf if u haven’t already and start submitting!!!! dm me once u submit 😁
stressed day today, OSF is live now, had some bumps but its pretty smooth rn, so many ppl PARTICIPATING YAYAY!!! 🎉 check it out at and join #osf 😁
last minute tests before OSF tmr, so STOKED that we got 130 PEOPLE in #osf !!!! its crazy, so happy that people r joining and hopefully, all goes well tmr! if u hadn’t already, join #osf and read more abt OSF! its TMR 3 pm EST!!!!!! and check out 😁 i still can’t wrap my head around first event, 127ppl, crazy!
87 peeps in #osf CRAZY!?!?!? dang shoutout to @melody + hq for letting me hv the opportunity to announce OSF in #announcements !! anyways, worked on my website, went swimming in the ❄️ ocean, watched spongebob 👀 and watched a funny livestream abt tech ceo’s under fire w congress 😂 here’s a pic of OBS XD
nice job @clairebookworm w a sick p5 workshop 🙂 ! hoping my hardware grant goes through! yall there r 64 peeps in #osf and counting! check out #announcements, join #osf, and go to the OSF website to find out more info, rules, etc.!!!! TONS of gp for participants in OSF 🤑 :walter: 😁
just released OSF in #announcements so excited u should def join it! also, my first announcement in #announcements 🙂
still working on my website, took a nice dive into the ocean even though it was freezing lol, ate some yummy fried shrimp w seaweed wrapped around it, had a nice productivity call w some hack clubbers, and got OBS to work so I can now stream on zoom lol! heres a statement i ❤️ :
working on my personal website STILL lol, OSF is trying to build a bot for giving gp, and had fun at the beach eating yummy bbq lays! 🙂 heres a pic from hack night !
submission 👀
still working on my website, 🤞 that no problems occur so osf can be on next thursday, actually enjoyed using airtable and the cool features it has, went to the beach and it was pretty hot but the water was literally antartica cold, had so much fun in the AMA w Tommy DeVoss and learned a lot, and most importantly…. ate some good mcdonalds fries 🍟 heres some css from my website 🙂
if u can play it slowly, u can play it quickly LMAo this is a snippet of me practicing La Campanella aka the piece where u destroy ur fingers (pardon if my playing is messy lol) watch till the end… i would advise u just wait for it lol down below is me playing + a funny comment that was from a video of someone performing la campanella.
just took a nice hot shower from the beach, saw some birds diving vertical to catch some fish which is pretty spectacular site, still working on my website(might create a blog), and worked out logistics with the team for OSF and the CTF. Here’s a sneak peek of my website 👀
working on my personal website 🙂 with a domain i bought 🙂 😁 , going to go in another ctf call to talk abt logistics, working to fundraise a project, and helping make an AMA happen in India 🙂
Didn’t have a major event today but did work on my personal website + other cool stuff! We r still talking abt some logistics for the ctf to happen, found vscode and immediately loved it, and relaxed by bodysurfing in cold waters. Hope everyone had a great weekend, can’t wait to continue the grind tmr!
Participated in a Hackathon called Hack the Cloud 5 days ago w @jasonaa and forgot to show what we made lmao! Since results r another week and thats too long from now, here’s what we made. Hack the cloud was a 48 hour hackathon. I saw @jasonaa in the opening ceremony and we teamed up! We wanted to create a webgame so here is…….. Pong!+Flappy! (we were too lazy to get a domain lol). Playing the game is pretty self explanatory but we added cool features like custom keybinds to the game to make it more fun! Hope y’all enjoy! Game link:
It do be like that sometimes though :sadparrot:
busy trying to get my discord bot to work using python, organizing/talking w my teammates about logistics of OSF, and took an afternoon run on the beach! Heres a pic of the sunset on my run!
bruh today was supposed to be the results of a hackathon me and @jasonaa participated in but it got delayed… by a week… 😞 lmao
Walked to the beach today(i live 2 blocks from it lmao). Did some surfing/bodysurfing and it was pretty chill. Im still trying out Python but so far, it has been awesome! Here’s some pics from the beach!
Planning to set out the OSF event with @tetraoxygen @sampoder and @orangelemon this weekend! There are good prizes so watch out for more announcements! Meanwhile, been learning some python 🙂
second day of a hackathon that me and @jasonaa are participating in. I will post what we made on here and ship. 🤞 hope we win something! Here’s some code we used uwu
Participating in Hack the Cloud (hackathon) with @jasonaa!!!! some code down below lol
coded with terminal today on my mac. pretty busy day and I’m super tired had to take a walk to relax my eyes from the screen.
in a zoom AMA with Dylan Field and the hack club crew!
zoom meeting for a ctf coming up 👀
about the hacking competition i am organizing with @orangelemon, @sampoder, and @tetraoxygen…. Here is a sneak peak of the logo! You can try and guess what it stands for but i won’t say yes or no 🙂
found this little spider crawling in my shoe :fb-wow:
oof they patched my old krunker hack but i created a new one that works Lmao
This will be a weird post but whatever lol. Every July 4th, there is a national hotdog eating comp. from 9-10am pacific time. I watched it today and the world record holder and #1 eater in the world won. He ate 75 hotdogs and buns in only….. 10 minutes!!!!! even though its a bit gross lmao its interesting. heres a lil pic of him!
I created my own script to hack a game called which allows me to have aimbot and wallhacks(see where my enemy is at all times). krunker is a fps game if you didn’t already know that. Down below is a small part of the code
Im trying to organize a hacking competition for anyone to join, with @tetraoxygen, @sampoder, and @orangelemon. (there will be prizes) More updates/details will come later on. This comp. was on my bucket list for a while 🙂
Just got a new RGB mechanical keyboard 🙂
Finished my code and rough draft of my base CAD of my robot for this year’s game 🙂