YOHOO!! Hackclub Twitter posted about me and my drone!! All thanks to the amazing @belle for reaching out for this! And to the fabulous @MelanieSmith for making me so motivated for WHW to do well!! PS: Chaotically Awaiting the next hardware event! Till then I'll create Pin and sticker designs for @Holly ! :8bit-heart: Thank You All!
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Day 2/3 of #hack-club-at-fossasia-23!! I felt the need to post about this as a ship, as we committed a couple of shenanigans along the way~ :sphere: 1. Yes, we did a lil thing to #place - some of us here got bored and went to a Starbucks, where we sat and masterfully constructed the one and only John Cena. Then, we returned to the place and updated the board with a photo from #lion-city-hacks-bts!! DON'T WORRY WE ARE NOT HERE TO TROLL (although the john cena one was good, it was just a test - sorry @belle :p) 2. I worked with LionsForge to laser-cut a @dinobox acrylic piece! Going to buy an LED base to put this on :partyparrot: 3. Many stickers from everywhere - this is now the premier event where I got the most swag from 4. We set up a challenge for FOSSASIA participants to draw their versions of @orpheus!! The results were.... pretty diverse, and we will be sending them sometime tomorrow ~I think~ Here are some photos from today - a video update can be found in our planning channel linked above! See ya :pirateparrot:
Winter Hardware Wonderland #hardware-party There were complications in getting the Hack Club Bank to work and parts were slow to ship from overseas - but finally I got all the parts to work and here is the first prototype of the Triton Amphibious Rover! The RC controlled rover features a LEGO Technic vehicle that I coupled with a motor, and for the water side of things I rigged an underwater motor and 3D printed rudder to a 25KG servo motor. All this is remotely controlled with an RC so that you can take it to explore different terrain and locations! It is also powered by a rechargeable LiPo battery and will be able to operate up to 15 minutes on a full charge in optimal conditions. Will update more photos and videos of it in action soon! Please do give feedback/suggestions as this is my first big scale project and thanks to @MelanieSmith and @belle for the support.
Everything for my winter wonderland project is here! :winter-hardware-wonderland: I've also added an annotated picture. Here's my PR: Thank you to @belle for reviewing my PR, @MelanieSmith and @DaisyReyes-U046V3EK56W for help with bank and a huge shoutout to everyone working on everything surrounding the grant! Looking forward to building this drone :tw_airplane:
set up my printer with octoprint! ty @belle for the rec!
day 8 of #10-days-in-public – took a break from the CNC project & worked with @belle to upgrade the extruder on the office 3d printer. the new printer parts were printed on the previous extruder. now that we have the new component in, the printed can run about 3x faster & up to 2x more detail
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Ran a workshop on Sprig, variables and functions w @belle - helped these kids in my town build their first games
Putting together the new gallery for the Sprig puzzle-game engine! Much thanks to @belle for her work on it: We're looking for help testing the system. If you build a game for the gallery we will send you a handheld console and dev-board! You can get started by following this guide or checking out the grow tab in the editor.
Every new assembly language I learn works approximately the same way, but somehow every time I see code for one I haven’t used yet I get totally intimidated lmao :flushded: Today I worked on fully understanding @belle’s hello world 6502 example (which is awesome!!), and adding some clarifying comments to help people like me understand what’s going on!
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today @belle and I got commodore 64 emulators running so we could write assembly programs in 6502! we followed, but had to make a few tweaks to make it work. first, their application path to VICE is different than ours was - ours was /Applications/vice-x86-64-gtk3-3.6.1/ second, when assembling the program, our vscode setup didn’t automatically open VICE for us. so we had to manually open the .prg in VICE after we created it
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was working with @belle on some assembly required, and this funny RISC-V assembly fact came up today! some background: • RISC-V is a simple assembly language made for academic use • when you want to save numbers for later use in assembly, you save them in something called a register so here’s the funny bit. let’s say you want to store a number into a register! should be easy, right? wouldn’t it be nice if you could do something like:
# Load the number 30 into register 18
LOAD x18, 30 
well, you totally can’t!!! which confused me for awhile! but it turns out, if you use an unrelated command in a funny way, you can get the same effect.

enter the `ADD` instruction. `ADD` adds a number from *one register* to a *second register* and saves them to *third register*.
# Add the contents of register 2 to register 3 and save that into register 1
ADD x1, x2, x3
now let’s enter the `ADDI` instruction. it stands for `add immediate`, which adds a number from *one register* to a *number* you provide and saves that to a *second register*.
# Add the contents of register 2 to the number 30 and save that into register 1
ADDI x1, x2, 30
now let’s introduce our final actor, the `x0` register. this register is special - it’s a 0 constant, meant to be used whenever you need a 0. why not just use a number 0? great question - often, these commands require registers, so this register can act as 0 for us whenever we need it. for example, in the case of `ADDI`, at least one of the numbers to add has to be from a register.

now that we have all this set up, here’s what we can do.
# Add 30 to the contents of register zero, or x0, and save that into register x18
ADDI x18, zero, 30
so, to repeat that: let’s add the contents of register 0 (which is 0) to 30, and add that into register 18. 30 + 0 = 30, save that into register 18. we did it!!! 🎉 anyways, come hang out with me in #some-assembly-required, where development of some assembly required is happening!
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The Charlotte Bridge, a substack which I shipped last month w some journalism friends, now has raised more than $4k on Hack Club bank, and has 1k subscribers in my small town (pop. 3,700). Huge appreciation 👏 to everyone helping me improve the landing page design @garytou2 @bellesee1212 @fayezmohammed23 @ella
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I'd been hearing a lot about Bootstrap here (@bellesee1212) so I checked it out this morning. i've never built a website using a framework before. looks amazing and I can't wait to try it
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