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I mAdE a RuSt SeRvEr
Type-graphql makes writing type-synchronized graphql APIs so simple because it dynamically generates the schema for you, so you only have to worry about your resolver functions and other logic!!! ✨
Developing the graphql API for my latest project ✨
Why not
Fully automated weekly emails are now working for Simply Synonyms! Now I just need to make the email template look better....
Working on a new small site just with links to all my (published) projects. It has an animated Vanta.js background and animated gradient buttons 🎉 :yay:
I wonder if Cat knows how to code
But I learned today that email standards for HTML are practically nonexistent and require you to write an infinite amount of nested tables and inline CSS and conditional elements because some seemingly obvious features and elements are missing from the HTML specs of some email clients :dumpster-fire: 😦. Fortunately I also learned about MJML which is a markup language that makes it easy to write emails without this nonsense :blobfearsweat:
Mailgun makes it super easy to send email
I worked on Simply Synonyms today - adding sign in functionality in preparation for upcoming features, including a customized email each week (like grammarly)!
One small project I've been working on is an open-source file dashboard for Google Cloud Storage, as part of a tutorial on how to set up a personal CDN + file management dashboard with Google Cloud Platform.
Thought I’d try out a new Linux distro; so I’m installing Manjaro with Manjaro Architect!
I haven't shipped in a while! I've been working on several projects including my SOM project. My SOM project's basic software and hardware are almost done! Yesterday, I learned how to program an Atmega chip with C using the Arduino library directly from the GPIO pins on a Raspberry Pi.
You know you’ve done something wrong when your circuit makes a crackling sound and smoke starts rising from your MOSFETs.... I’m glad I ordered a few extras!
Testing parts of my robocar’s circuit on a solderless breadboard before I order the printed circuit boards
Today we finished my first hackathon project. The theme was to create an app or website that would have helped people during a major historical event. We created an aid app to help people find jobs, helpful resources, and more during the Great Depression. As my first hackathon, it wasn't the best project I've ever made but I still had a lot of fun making it with my team.
Hard at work on my Hackathon project
I don’t have anything new today, so here’s a photo of my 3D printer bed after I calibrated it without first homing the Z axis 🤦
Today I worked on Simply Synonyms, fixed some bugs and partially updated my website, ordered some new soldering supplies, installed and set up Cura on Linux for my 3D printer, and received my new super cool Raspberry Pi 4 in the mail (thanks Sam)!
Getting ready to publish the first beta version of my new Chrome extension, Simply Synonyms. Find synonyms by double-clicking a word on the page, without any other annoying features.
Submitting my first Chrome extension for review! I'll post it in #ship once it's ready!
Working on a new feature for Scrapbook :scrappy1: :scrappy3::scrappy4:
Signing up for some hackathons 🔥
Implementing websockets for remote control in my robocar's app.
Started the app for my robocar today!!!
I got home from a camping trip to find that my second third of parts from hack club have arrived, including my batteries, motor, and blank pcb!!!
My electronics from digikey have arrived!!! All this packagaing seems quite wasteful though... 🤔
Just started coding the software for my project in Python!
Finally submitted my shopping list with a better motor and the electronics I'll need to build my self-driving car. Now I'm going to get the car chassis ready and start programming the software while I wait for my parts to arrive!!!
Got some old broken RC equipment from a friend for cheap. Hopefully I’ll be able to scavenge some parts from it for my project, allowing me to save money on some parts and do less 3D printing!
Almost finished laying out the the first version of my motor controller circuit on a PCB! This is a rendering of it, made in EasyEDA :)
My electronics shopping cart is filling up!
Working on the schematic and PCB for the motor controller for my project!!!
Finalizing my parts list and finding the best prices 💰
It’s printing time! Fixing up my 3D printer.
Re-reading all my make magazines to find inspiration