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Small ship: the card transaction pages now show a ton more details about your transaction, such as the location of the merchant, so you can find out exactly where & when someone spent money, with lots more details for finding receipts or tracing back details.
Board meeting today. Since February: 2k average daily messages on Slack -> 10k average daily, 1.3k Twitter followers -> 12.3k. Hack Club Bank total transactions $1.36m -> $1.89m ($534k increase). AMAs as a format started. Summer of Making. 100s of hardware grants sent, 1,000s of #scrapbook posts made. Photo is of everywhere Summer of Making stickers are going (127 countries). $610k in donations received from 8 new donors. Talked work schedule over next few weeks with team. Some light work on /z. @melody made awesome grilled chicken for dinner.