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continuing the theme of making things for innovation week: we’re making a QR code garden in the school staircase! it’s going to be full of qr codes to hopefully make people intrigued when you scan the qr code, you’ll either get a quiz (where you can win house points!), a link to an instagram filter, an emoji guessing game, a meme, a riddle or a riddle (forked from lachlan’s SoM ideas page)! here are some samples: quiz: meme: idea: i’m especially proud of the quiz one. it was my first time using cookies (which ngl are super cool) and basically it creates a cookie so you can only redeem the house points once! uses next.js + airtable (but you probs already guessed that!) also geopattern is really cool, each page has a unique bg! oh and one more thing: if you are super super lucky you win a free :github: t-shirt :flying_money_with_wings:
made a quick Instagram and Facebook filter!
Day 3 of getting my life back together: did some APES work, outlined my presentation, designed a post for a club Instagram, and ordered materials for a raspberry pi (with the help of Hugo 😌) 👀
Today, our EESA council announced our collaboration with Hack Club on our social media handles. Thank you @zrl for giving us this opportunity :upvote: Here's our council's instagram page :instagram:
Designed some website mockups for a friend as a little design exercise ✨
also if u guys want to see the edits i make when i play around with after effects (i usually edit anime, games, and just make weird motion graphic type things) i post them on instagram but i’m also gonna be putting them here: <|>
Making a instagram bot with InstaPy :instagram:
update: it totally works; my instagram is now almost completely automated 🎉
automated following over 100 classmates on Instagram from L&S CS/DS orientation
clearing up a drive file. memories from my instagram feed in 2015. and a selfie from 6th grade
sketches of photos in my cam roll bc I’m in that kinda vibe rn (church, six flags, instagram hq, respectively)
`Hello guy's Hope so all are doing well !!` 😊 ❤️ So I am here to Invite all the Maker's from all over the world 🌍 are Invited to channel #makerspace-world The purpose of channel is.. "" *The Goal is to work all together to learn*📖 *, collaborate* 👨 "" So, all the maker's lets have together and Ready to explore 🗺️ 🎲 🌚 Welcome to the Maker World #makerspace-world Click below link to make a view on my work place ( JU MAKERSPACE ) <|>
Featured on KWK instagram!
This is too tough to control !! The instagram stuff {MEMES} Anyone else have activity like this 👇 I will so glad to know about you !!
Double throwback!!! Yesterday was the 2-year anniversary of Anonbot, an instagram bot that wreaked havoc on my school until February 2019. This was my second Node.js project, after era-project. Any piece of text submitted on the website would be converted to an image and posted on the Instagram page. It was used mostly by me, @yuto, @physicalc123, and a few of our friends until it started spreading like wildfire across the school in late fall 2018. With the newfound fame in my school, posts became increasingly toxic, and people began using it to gossip and spread rumors. In February 2019, some people posted messages that others interpreted as warning of a school shooting. The police were called, and I spent the next day in the office + at the police station. I wasn’t punished in the end, and everything was fine, but I agreed to kill the bot and make the code private so that nobody could fork it and start it back up. The code remains private, but the Instagram page is still up: