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Fiddling with Spotify API 🎡
Huh, looking at all those Jojo memes somehow introduced me to King Crimson. 21st Century Schizoid Man's a great song lol (also totally not showing off the Spicetify desktop theme I made last summer. You can make your own cool theme at
As an Apple Music user, I always feel left out of the end of year music wrapped hype because Spotify Wrapped blows Apple Music Replay out of the water. The worst part about Apple Music Replay is that it's impossible to share your top 10 albums in one screenshotβ€”so I stitched a few screenshots together in Preview on my Mac and made my own screenshot! I made two versions: a square one and a portrait one, with slightly different layouts. I eyeballed everything so it's not perfect, but I'm very excited that I can finally share my top 10 albums of the year!!! 🎡
fun fact i now have a registered spotify artist account!
i have made a couple of things for z internet over the past three days! may i present them to you? first up us Leap Manual - it's an apple inspired manual for the Orpheus leap! ( it's based off @matthew workshop slide deck thingy... i must say mdx deck is wacky next upp is something to help out my student council, we're hosting a physical scavenger hunt but we cant have people huddling around the clues, so they'll scan a qr code to get their clues. i built a website to show those clues, sample: and gems kids this is fake so no hints. but my fav project of them all is the one i made today! with serverless functions and vercel i made this little thingy that allows you to add songs to a spotify playlist because my school is creating a student playlist to play in the mornings and as the student council ~president~ software developer i stepped up and made smth but im actually really proud of it yeet /// i also learnt how weird spotifyss api is its weird im not a fan school holidays are fun times