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Found this old timelapse of me designing/building hackclub.com/bank, February 19, 2019. Video courtesy @zrl 😄
I hiked a nearby mountain to watch the sunrise this morning 🌄
an amazing drawing by the superb @msw 💖
My favorite kind of mail! Thank you Hack club and @sampoder 💖
this isn't very important but this is my biggest achievement on this slack
built a new workbench ✌️
I was packing all my electronics items cause my exams were going to start and I almost got those two boxes...the top box contains my best memories in my life...thanks hackclub.
We still need a small table, a floor lamp or two, and a red curtain, but the twin peaks room is starting to come together!
Started the designs for the tiny house I’m hoping to build now that we’re moving to Georgia
did a little more designing today... i love canva 💖
I’m volunteering at the polls today!! Please vote if you can!! Make sure your family votes!! My sticker fell off right before I took the picture but oh well. 🇺🇸
Gitlab ftw, dots go brr
I was a curious kid, too curious to handle sometimes. But my father knew that I was different than the normal bunch and so he always supported me. I used to buy toys just to disassemble those, I even used to dismantle home appliances and any hardware stuff I could find. Most people thought I'm just a destructive kid ,but my father supported me and then I learned about an equally intresting thing "coding". My father has too less computer knowledge to understand it, and the few friends I had just didn't care. I felt Alone But few months ago I discovered a community completely suited for me, full of people like me, full of people better than me. A place where I think I finally belong to, Hack Club. Happy Birthday and thank you @zrl for everything you have done for everyone, you are awesome 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
Happy birthday @zrl our amazing founder!! Hope you have an amazing day :D Thank you for founding this organisation that has impacted the lives of so many and brought us all together 🎈 Here’s a little something I made for you ^_^
happy happy birthday @zrl ! you are truly an inspiration and hack club has genuinely changed my life. i came across hack club at the beginning of quarantine when i barely knew how to code. i had no clue what i wanted to do and was just kinda lost. after joining hack club, i have changed so much not only with my coding skills but soft skills. i have grown as a leader and as a person and you have helped me do that. thank you so much and i hope you have an amazing day because you deserve it!
6 months ago, I didn't know anyone my age interested in coding. While my past self didn't recognize it, I deeply needed a community of like-minded, and similarly aged, individuals. Then I discovered Hack Club, and everything changed. I was introduced to a brave new world where ability isn't confined by age, it's allowed to blossom. A world where even a high school student can, with the help of others, make truly significant contributions to the today's world. From the second I joined, I've been continually blown away by how much Hack Club has impacted me and others. And this all started, a bunch of years ago, by one man with a vision. Soooo... happy birthday @zrl! 🎂 You're nothing short of awesome, and I hope you have an amazing day! 🎉
Zach Day! 🎂 You're the best to work with and a huge inspiration. Wishing you big, crazy year!!! Happy Birthday @zrl !!!!
zach day! happy birthday @zrl! here is the most random birthday wish ever, enjoy?
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZACH!!! @zrl enjoy this scrapbook update of me wishing you happy birthday, you are incredible and i am so grateful for the two years i’ve spent here
just wanted to highlight the importance of mental health... haven't been in the best place but getting better. If you are going through something as well, reach out? let's support each other :)
all_unique Python, List Returns True if all the values in a list are unique, False otherwise. • Use set() on the given list to remove duplicates, use len() to compare its length with the length of the list.
I’m (almost too) excited to ship Frame 🖼️, our SOM project we’ve completed. 🦑 What is it? Previously named Smart Album Cover Display, Frame, which sits on your wall, displays the music you’re listening to. It either uses the Spotify API or detects the music you’re listening to with microphones. 🐳 It’s been a good summer! With all the support from Hack Club we were able to complete this, and I am currently working on a Flutter App to configure settings (currently it’s a react site). 🐝 What’s the purpose? We see it as art. I truly spend hours each day just looking at it (the beauty is not apparent in the photos). Music truly is a beautiful thing. 🍀 Want to make your own? We’re working on a hardware guide. The code is, of course, open source. Contact us with questions. We couldn’t have done this without Hack Club 🎉 💓 p.s. here is Blonde by Frank Ocean, KIDS SEE GHOSTS by KIDS SEE GHOSTS, Yellow Submarine by The Beatles and Nothing Was The Same by Drake. We’ve also implemented a clock when paused (with custom colors 🎨) and auto-brightness with a light sensor.
Been approving lots of PRs for dinosaurs :)
Got my hack club stickers! I wonder if I have enough lol. Thank you hq!!
She's not doing too well but she still loves the porch
I wrote a workshop, for workshops.hackclub.com and it was the first one to get accepted!!!! WOOT WOOT!! It's a workshop all about CSS, which learn through making an epic Scrapbook profile! if you've got some time please do check it out at: workshops.hackclub.com/scrapbook_css I love feedback!! if you use at a club please please do send me photos!! thank you @zrl and @lachlanjc for helping make the workshop ultra epic!
@zrl helping me fix things in my workshop :salute:
Didn’t do anything because I’ve been sick the past couple of days but here’s my pupper
Did work stuff I can’t show you, so here’s the dog tax
the sun has set (quite literally now), thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who joined the Summer of Making!!! it’s hard to piece together words, so here’s a post i wrote… and the recap site I'm about to ship…. one thing I haven’t done yet is say thank you to a lot of people, so meet my thank you wall: • thank you @roshan for being there literally always and being amazing, for bringing your. abundance of knowledge to #hardware-party and listening to me even when I’m not literate. you’re the best partner in crime! • thank you to @athul & @annlee_fores, for being life savers (on multiple occasions) and stepping up to support with all the Indian grants. True life savers. • thank you to @lachlanjc for guiding me through making the recap site, always supporting when ever I contribute to Scrapbook or the Site and for all their support in the fast few days. Plus just being super nice and cool! • thank you to @cwalker for all their support with hardware over the summer and just being someone to talk things through with! • thank you to @msw & @cwalker for all the lengthy convos we had pre-launch that helped lead SoM in the right way! • thank you to @neel.redkar for building awesome things that were life savers! • thank you to @zrl for being super supportive but also brutally honest at times! that brutal honesty saved us! • thank you to @elisemoe for being super supportive of us and for helping me out with pitching to Adafruit & Arduino! • thank you to @cp & @michael.destefanis for putting up with my banking incompetence and some of the shenanigans we attempted! • thank you to @matthew, @amogh, @dinaelhanan, @tmb, @christina695, @melody for all being super cool and doing super cool stuff! • thank you to @rishi for whilst not being directly on the team, had a massive impact :) OH AND OFC THANK YOU TO EVERYONE HERE YOU ALL ARE SO FREAKING AMAZING THANK YOU FOR BEING COOLLLLL!!!!!! heres the earliest photo i could find, i’ll let your imagination go wild…
Practiced linking inside a page lia href="#lead" and also CSS today- I have 3 websites I'm building atm, and one I'm beginning to do collaboratively on GitHub, which is really exciting.
Drawing the dog
I just got off of my last meeting with my WAVE advisor this cycle. We actually had a really amazing talk today (tl;dr debugging is painful, but you'll learn a lot), and we even went through my projects on GitHub as well. I've been able to learn so much from him over the past couple of months — I'm seriously going to miss our hour-long conversations. Also, say hello to Cooper, Looker's (unofficial) mascot and the bestest dog!
constant force springs that I ordered arrived! excited to put them to work
Today's data science with python class (day 2). Here's a mindmap of what I learned ❤️
watched ken count to a million in the #kencountstoamillion watch party
Did a call with Max, Luke, and Malte about some Slack stuff today :slack:
I Love Cats 😍 🐱 and that's my cute 🐈!
Still getting to know VS Code editor. My cat made for a cuter photo tho.
watched some Avatar with my sister
Working on an interesting conlang idea