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Hello. Sorry I had been distracted from the slack since months and couldnot thank hackclub for the hardware. I am thankful to @sampoder for accepting the project and then guided me to try different sites and tools but when nothing worked then @roshan was there to help me with the hardware I needed and spend long time figuring out things and thank for helping me with the shipment issues and at last @nasheeb.dangi for helping me with the Customs because I would have to pay lot more without you. Thankyou all guys!
here is the SOM project. thank you! @sampoder @roshan and the Hackclub team for the hardware :)
I'm super late but, the first part of my hardware arrived. Thank you to the entire SOM team , especially you @sampoder and of course @roshan you guys are amazing :parrot: :parrot:
Video call with Roshan and Elise! Also putting the finishing touches on the recap website! Thanks @lachlanjc for your feedback, only one checkbox to go! Last night, we launched the scavenger hunt which is fun!
Got my hardwares today here in Nepal πŸ‡³πŸ‡΅Thanks @roshan For helping me out with this ❀️