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I think I'm old enough to play this game now...
Looking through the scrappy code to see why it thinks I'm a new member all the time
Teacher said she would give me extra credit to make an app. Also, I forgot to post today. Please have mercy scrappy, I made you fan art
checked out the new CSS workshop by @sampoder -wow
Made a bunch of upgrades to :scrappy: Scrapbook! Text parsing is much better & handles cases like punctuation following @ mentions, handles edge cases like posts starting with colons, emoji parsing is better, and images now load noticeably faster due to proxying + caching (with HTTP/2 + fewer DNS lookups). You can also now fully opt out of streaks, if you like: /scrappy-togglestreaks all, & they won’t show up on your profile, Slack status, or elsewhere on Scrapbook. @alchzh upgraded us to Next 9.5 & added tooltips to the contribution chart as well, so thanks! Photo from Switchyard Park, Bloomington.
Scrappy will now respond to you if you mention it, with some bonus responses if you insult it